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Your MLM Prospects Are Not Listening to You… What to Do!


Ever wonder why your MLM prospects are not returning your calls, showing up to meetings or jumping into your business? It is a simple solution but for most people, it is not easy. In this post I will break down why so few of our MLM prospects listen to us and what we can change to fix that problem.

What do You Think When You Hear the Word ‘Sales’?

This past weekend I spoke at an event on sales and marketing and one of the exercises that we did was to go around the room and ask the question: “What do you think of when you think of the word sales?”

Every single person in the room answered with a negative comment such as scammer, huckster, used car salesman, scumbag, jerk, etc..and we wonder why we don’t get more sales?? Note: there was one person in the room that had a positive attitude toward the word, me =) – Details at the bottom of this post

What If We Killed Off the Sales People?

Here is the great thing about a network marketing business, you can start without going through sales training, getting a degree or certification. Here’s the bad thing about network marketers, they got started without going through sales training, getting a degree or certification! Most people in network marketing have NEVER been through even an hour of sales training so they assume they are bad or just have a negative connotation to it. Here are just some simple examples of what might not have happened without salespeople:

– Columbus fails to convince Queen Isabella to finance his journey to find America
– Gandhi fails to convince the people of India they deserve to be free
– Martin Luther King Jr is unable to convince other influential people to join him in the fight against segregation
– Take your pick of religious person that is unable to get people to follow them failing to have that religion establish

Every person of influence that has accomplished something to help society has at some point, been a person of sales. Selling the idea of a better life, selling the idea that people deserve better, selling themselves, etc.

NO ONE wants to be “SOLD” But Everyone, Even Your MLM Prospects, Want This

No one feels good when you feel “sold”. But everyone feels good when they are listened to. How did those previously mentioned persons of influence get their ideas sold? They listened to the needs of other people. The next time you are about to call a MLM prospect or lead, think about their needs. Do not go into a meeting with the addiction to the outcome of selling them your business as just ask yourself how you would feel if someone did that to you? Have you ever had it done to you? I bet you have. I also bet you did not like it so why are you doing it to others and expecting different results?

MLM Prospecting Resources

One of the favorite trainings I have ever done is the MLM Prospecting scorecard. It gives you a point driven system on how your results will end up with talking to MLM prospects based on how you listen as well as how you talk. If you eliminate the need to get a result right this minute and instead focus on SERVING, you would be amazed at what your long term results turn into.

So next time you have a meeting or call to a lead, put yourself in their shoes and have a goal or serving and helping them. Listen to them, hear their pain, problems and desires. Keep in mind that the majority of people that have joined my primary company did not join right away. My goal with my warm market or anyone I meet, is to never burn them out by overly pitching them but to keep them warm and when the time is right for them, we might possibly work together.

What I think of the word Sales

I have a positive reaction/immediate thought when it comes to the word sales because I know that nothing in this world is done without sales people and sales people are the ONLY positions in a business that is NOT overhead. This is NOT to diminish the other roles in a company but to heighten the importance of embracing ethical sales people and understanding their value to any business.

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