mlm prospectingIf you want more results in your MLM prospecting, you must first find more people to connect and talk to.

This post will help you locate more prospects and people to talk to about your service, product or opportunity.

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MLM Prospecting and Locating People to Talk to

Many of you have heard the story of how, when I got serious about network marketing on July 15th of 2009, I went for 20 no’s a day.

I read this great book called Go For No, which I’m now friends with the authors, Richard and Andrea. They’re amazing. Amazing book, I give it shout outs almost daily it seems. They talk about how if you go for no, you’ll eventually get to yes’s.

We all want yes’s, but the problem is if you have such a negative attachment to a no, then you probably aren’t going to make it. You’re going to not make it to the yes’s. You have to strip away any negative feeling about a no.

I went 20 no’s a day. Before my head hit the pillow, I had to get 20 no’s. Some of you may have seen my interview with Eric Worre, where he asked me about this process and we did 2 little videos and like a bajillion people have seen it now. The question was, “Okay, Ray, you got 20 no’s a day, where did you get all those people from?” Or, “Where was the majority of your prospecting?” Back then, keep in mind, I did not have my marketing set up. A lot of people, they see my marketing now, and we get 4,000 to 6,000 leads a month. We have 100’s of thousands of unique visitors every single month to our blog. They see my marketing now, and are like, “Oh yeah, that’s really easy for him.”

It wasn’t back then. I didn’t have leads coming in. I didn’t have leads, period. I had to go beat the bushes. I had to go make it happen. I had to go reach out to people. Sometimes I bought leads. Sometimes I called realtor signs. Sometimes I was door-knocking. I did everything. Sometimes I’d go to the car wash and grab every business card, and call them.

In the below video you will see me get fired up and challenge you and also share where to locate more people to throw into your MLM prospecting approach. If you want to know my 29 sources of leads, just click here and enter your name and email.

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