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MLM Prospect Training: Determining Need

MLM Prospecting Training

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I had a coaching call with a dude today that asked me a very good question, “What do you look for in a good MLM prospect?” I answered there were three things I look for and one of them is need or pain. In this MLM prospecting training I am going to teach you how to determine need.

The 3 Characteristics of a good MLM prospect

You might be wondering what I see as the 3 best characteristics I look for in an MLM prospect. They are pretty simple:

1) Good Attitude – It is not always what someone says but how they say it. If someone asks me in a nasty tone if it is a pyramid, they have more than likely disqualified themselves from working with me as I am picky (as you should be) with who I spend my time training.

2) Coachability – Are they willing to listen and follow suggestions

3) Needs, pain or desire – “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.” – Thomas Jefferson. Before you present your MLM opportunity you simply have to know if they have a need, desire or pain in their life as if they are comfortable (most people are comfortably miserable and not willing to do anything about it) then they probably are not going to work very hard.

Not just for MLM Prospecting Training, but Marketing in general

MLM Prospect TrainingIt is so important to dig for their pain, needs or desire. Would you try to sell a candy bar to a diabetic? Of course not, so why try to sell a mechanism to change someone’s lifestyle that doesn’t desire something more out of life? If you have not already seen this, I teach a lot of this in my prospecting scorecard training and you can easily see where you have gone wrong with your MLM prospecting.

It is also true in marketing, the marketing formula is find pain, agitate it, then offer a solution. Keep in mind the word “marketing” is in the term “network marketing”, lol.

Some helpful statements to find pain or desires:

“Ever dread Monday’s?”

“Are you doing what you really want to be doing in life?”

“Ever felt like you were meant to do great things?”

“Do you want to be doing what you are currently doing in 20 years?”

“Ever wanna travel more?”

“Ever wish you could spend more time with your kids or spouse?”

“Ever worry about longevity with your job?”

“Ever get sick of getting to the end of your money before the end of the month?”

“Ever wonder what it would be like to buy a house for your parents?

Show me someone with a need, and I can show you how Network Marketing can help

The reality is, passive income solves a lot of problems. Most marketers lead with money, money, money and what they fail to realize is most people have turned off their imagination so you have to paint the picture for them, or, better yet, get them to pick up the paintbrush by digging for their pain. For more advanced closing tactics, check out my product on closing here – MLM Sponsoring Secrets

Dig me and my Training?

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