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MLM Prospecting: Selling to Women

selling to women

If you want to get better at selling to Women, specifically when it comes to network marketing, this will help.

Watch this short (and funny) video to learn two big secrets of selling to women.

What’s More Important than the Way YOU Communicate?

People who make a lot of sales consistently are usually very good at adapting to the communication traits and habits of their prospects. If you want to get better at communicating with ALL types of people, feel free to check out my short video on the personality colors.

That short video will give you some great insight as to why you may not jive with certain people and also why certain people may not jive with you, it is ALL about how you communicate to others that dictates your results when it comes to MLM prospecting.

Video: Selling to Women

Lots of props to my buddy Scott who I mention in this video

Did you see the outtake at the end? lol

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