MLM ProspectingIF you want to get more comfortable with MLM prospecting then you need to learn you do NOT have to be pushy to be effective.

Today’s show will share how to get great results with MLM prospecting WITHOUT being pushy.

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MLM Prospecting – Selling without Having to be Pushy

What is a non-pushy close?

We’re just not pushy in anything that we do. I know people that are pushy in network marketing. Some of them, just because they hit so many numbers, they succeed. It’s just not the way I wanted to build my network marketing business. Instead of being pushy, and pushy would be, “Hey, this thing’s a no-brainer. You should do it. Hey, this is ground-floor, billion-dollar opportunity. We have no competition. You should totally get in before it’s too late.” That’s pushy.

Pushy is where pressure is coming from something external and pressing upon the prospect. There’s a pressure that isn’t coming from inside; it’s coming from outside. It’s saying, “You should get in. You should do this. This thing’s a no brainer,” those kind of things. Instead of that, the way that I’ve always recruited, and we’ve recruited quite a few people, the way we’ve always recruited is to be pully. The way that you’re pully is you generate the interest from inside them.

If I sat down with somebody and they watched the presentation and they said, “Aw, I don’t know if this is a fit for me.” Most people would say, “What do you mean? This thing’s a no brainer. You’ll kill it. I’ll help you out.”

I would say, “Okay, fair enough. Why did you agree to this meeting? What were you hoping to gain? What in your life are you hoping to change maybe? Maybe I can help you out?”

That’s pulling. I’m pulling information and intent out of them. It’s internal based. That’s pulling. Pulling, you’re not going to get resistance. If I’m asking questions like, “Why did you agree to this meeting? Why did you look at this presentation? What did you hope to gain?” They’re not going to say, “Man, stop being pushy.” I’m not being pushing. I’m just asking questions. If YOU learn to ask more questions in your MLM prospecting you AND your prospect will enjoy the process more AND you will become more effective.

I go into more detail in the below video and here are some additional resources that may help you as well

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