Want to talk to your Warm Market about your Network Marketing company but wish you knew what to say?

This will help you to understand why your warm market responds based on how they see you. And what to do about it to create MLM Prospecting Success!

MLM Prospecting & Your Warm Market

Now, what I’ve seen is a lot of trainers that they’ll get on stage and they’ll talk about their warm market experience. They say, “I went to 60 of my friends and all of them signed up and here’s what I said.” Everyone in the audience is frantically writing this magical script like it’s an incantation, right? It’s a hypnotic NOP, whatever, right? That has nothing to do with it.

Who they were BEFORE they joined is what made the difference. How that warm market saw them is what made the difference, not a magical script. I’ve heard people go to their warm market with terrible scripts still work. “Hey, I’m in this pyramid thing and I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but you want to run it with me?” I’m serious. I’m like, “Uh, what did you just say? What?” Because their warm market respected the hell out of them they’re like, “Yeah man, let’s do it!” I’m serious. Steve, have you seen that? You ever seen that? Yeah, it’s amazing.

Solid Respect & Rapport

If you have solid respect and rapport, almost anything will work. Almost anything when it comes to MLM prospecting. I’m telling you, I’ve seen guys, they call and they’re like, “Hey, give me your credit card. I’m processing $1,000 right now.” “All right, good buddy. See you this weekend.”

I’m not joking. I’m not saying that that should be your approach, because some of you if you go they’re calling the cops. If you call them and say, “Give me your credit card,” they’re like, “Okay, hold one second.” They’re calling the cops on you. Trying to steal my identity or something, right?

No Respect and Rapport

If you don’t have respect and rapport, I would suggest focusing on the product. It’s more natural if you’re not seen as a business professional. If you’re not seen as an entrepreneur or seen as someone who has a background in sales or business (or things like that) I would suggest focusing on the product.

If you started a yogurt shop you would probably call your warm market and say, “Hey, started this yogurt shop. Come by and try it out.” You’d focus on the product. You wouldn’t say, “This yogurt shop is amazing. It’s going to make a lot of money. You should start one.” Right? One, because there’s a competitive edge, right? Two, kind of strange.

It’s natural to talk about products. I hear Jess do it all the time. People ask her, “Where’d you get that,” or “What are you using for that or whatever,” and she’ll say, “I’m using this.” Whatever it is. Right? Focus on the product.

Negative Respect and Rapport

If you not only not have respect and rapport but it’s actually negative. Maybe they see you coming and they turn the other way, right? They see you and like, “Oh! There’s that guy.” Right?

If that’s the case, then you actually need to go a step further and deflect the business. Deflect it, because they won’t listen to you if you lead with the business. If you have what I call a burnt market where you’ve talked to then about 52 different things. They see you in something new every single week. You need to deflect the business and focus on the product.

They’re immune to your money message. They’re immune to it. You could literally say, “Tell you what, you hand me a $50, I’ll hand you a $100.” They’ll say, “No thanks. I’m good. I don’t have time.” They didn’t hear you. They actually didn’t hear the words that came out of your mouth because as soon as you stumbled on business or money they tuned you out. That’s what they’ve been doing. See, they have patterns, too. We all have patterns.

Now, do they still but products everyday? Do they still shop at the grocery store? Or do they still go on HSN or QVC or whatever? Do they still buy? Of course they do. They buy new clothes, they buy cars, they buy products. We like buying things.  It’s crazy. You want to deflect the business, go for the product.

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