Do you ever struggle with the invite and callback part of MLM prospecting?

This will help you with two specific tweaks to get better results.

It is ALL About Posture

If I had to say the number one difference between someone who gets results with their MLM prospecting and someone who doesn’t I’d say it’s posture.

The second biggest indicator of who will succeed in their MLM prospecting efforts is how much they are affected when they hear a no. Champions are unaffected by rejection, others are crippled.

What is this Video about?

Yesterday I did a coaching call for one of my teammates and talked about her results in her prospecting efforts. I pinpointed a few areas where she could improve and I thought you might benefit from this coaching. Be sure to leave a comment below IF you get value from this and would like me to pull you into more of my coaching feedback.

Increase Your MLM Prospecting Results

Was that helpful? Another resource that may help you is how to leave voicemails. Let me know if this was helpful by commenting below and feel free to share with others!

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