How do you connect with lots of people?

How’s that even possible?

Here I share exactly how to connect with tons of people and how MLM Prospecting can be really easy.

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MLM Prospecting:

So in my experience, I used to be in telemarketing. And, we would make 450 calls a day. So, I know that in a eight-hour period with a lunch and two breaks, you can make 450 calls.

No Network Marketer does that!

Network marketers, if they spend consistently one hour, one hour prospecting per day, they are your top earners in your company.

Now most people if they do an hour of prospecting, it’s like, “Whoo, man I’m whipped.”  I’m saying consistently, on a daily basis, I’m unaware of network marketers that actually hammer the phones for more than an hour.

Now I know insurance guys that do 10 to 12 hours a day hammering the phone for sales. They are HUNGRY.

I’ve found that there’s a difference usually in the Level of Hunger in insurance agents, in car sales people and what else? And network marketers. It’s just a little different.

The hungry network marketer will spend about an hour prospecting and they’re like, “Whoo, man. Oh, God. What a day. What a day.”

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And, if you can’t build your network marketing business part-time, you also can’t build it full-time. Because if you’re mismanaging the resources that you have, having more resources isn’t going to help you.

So talking to 20 people a day is golly, golly is that so dang easy. It really is. But see, if you haven’t done it, it seems like a mountain. Go for it. See what you can do. Go push yourself. Go make it happen. Set a goal and crush it.


Imagine this. You go to someone in your company, your buddy or someone in your team and you just say, “Hey. I’m going to do a 14-day contest and I’m going to see how many people I can talk to each day and I’d like to compete against you. And whoever ends up with the most has to take the other one out to dinner, or has to take the other one out for lunch, or buy him a gift certificate, whatever. Something of benefit.

Imagine just for a second. It’s 11:00 p.m. You go over to your buddy’s wall, and you drop a number, 13, 15, 22, right? You drop a number of how many people you talked to and they’re just like, “Huh? Damn it. Ah, you got me today.” Imagine that!

Make it a game. Stop taking it so seriously and stop over thinking things.

I mean, people spend four hours a day you know wondering how they could possibly talk to 20 people a day. They’re like, “Man, well I’m not really sure how I could talk to a lot of people.” Three hours later, they’re still pondering. “I’m just pondering, man.” Right? Don’t spend your time pondering. Don’t spend your time blueprinting. Spend your time in action. Go talk to people.

Recruiting Advice

Stop trying to close everyone and just start seeing who’s open.

So when I would talk to somebody, I would say, “You know, hey, I’m just curious, would you be at all open to a side project alomg with what you’re currently doing?”

If they said, “No. Beat it, kid.”

I’m like, “Cool, man. No problem. Hasta la Vista.” On to the next one.

I didn’t say, “Oh, no, you don’t understand, man. We got a triple matrix binary. It’s freaking awesome. You’re going to be a crown diamond, driving a Bentley.” I didn’t go into some kind of convincing mode. I just said, oh, they’re not open. Let me go to the next person. Let me go prospect somebody else.

If you constantly focus on who is open versus, “Who can I close? Who can I get? I need to get some people.”

Start thanking people for their “No’s.” What if that happened? What if you started collecting “No’s” like I did? I collected “No’s” like I’m collecting Pokemons. I’m just collecting little Pikachus and whatever else. I’m just collecting “No’s”, or I’m just having a heyday at it and building an empire in the same time. Pretty neat.

Have Some Posture

So what if you’re talking to someone, “Hey. I’m doing this new thing. I don’t know if you’re open to it or not but, hey, if you’re open to it would you take a look at it? If you’re not, it’s totally cool.” And they say, “No,” Say, “Ah, cool, man, thank you.”

“What do you mean, thank you? I just said no. I’m not interested.”

“Oh, no, no, no. See, I got a quota. I’m having a contest with my buddy on making connections and collecting “No’s” and so I appreciate you helped me toward my goal.”

See that? How powerful would that be versus the weak, “Oh, why won’t you join my deal?” Right? Have some posture. Straighten that backbone. Get those shoulders back. Rock it out. You got something awesome and if they don’t understand it, it’s still awesome. Right?

If a great opportunity starts in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, is it still a great opportunity? Yeah! Right?

So the person that you just talked to, if they don’t see the benefit, if they don’t see the awesomeness… it’s still awesome.

Be The Problem Solver

Be a problem solver. How? In the video down below I share exactly how to be a problem solver and how to crush it in network marketing.

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