[MLM Prospecting] How Connie Prospected 162 People in 11 Days


Connie Hurtado is an MLM prospecting superhero and in this exclusive interview shares how she prospected 162 people in only 11 days!

IF you want to improve your MLM prospecting game, this audio might just help you!

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The truth is you just cannot create a large team unless you are putting time and effort into MLM prospecting so we are always looking to help network marketers with this critical function.

A Little about Connie Hurtado

She struggled every way you can think of when she got into network marketing. She was so new to computers in general when she started looking for ways to make money online. She started because she was on bed rest for all of her pregnancies and it was left up to her husband to provide financially for the family. “We never saw him. It was horrible so when I started online I didn’t know where to look or how to market. I didn’t know how to navigate at all through Facebook or my own emails.”

“Then I started connecting with people,met Jill and that’s how I was introduced to Ray Higdon, and from there I started understanding a lot more. I learned mindset development and the power behind networking and wrote out my complete vision and realized how empowering my mission in life was and how I wanted to change lives of others. Network marketing went from me just trying to be able to buy groceries one week to a starting point of building a legacy. From beginning at the bottom of learning how to navigate online to learning how to properly connect with them and turned into the foundation of my families legacy.”

“I struggled from computer technology to not knowing how to stay consistent with a company, or a daily routine, is struggled how to do ads, to talking to people everything in the book. I am very grateful for your training (Ray’s) that helped me so much.”
We are SUPER grateful for Connie and her testimonial. Connie came in the top 3 of our MLM prospecting contest inside Top Earner Success School and in the below interview shares how she did it and also offers advice to those that want to boost their MLM prospecting numbers.

[INTERVIEW] How Connie Prospected 162 People in 11 Days

Be sure to listen to this interview if you want some MLM prospecting tips and to properly learn how to do MLM prospecting in big numbers like she did.

Did that give you some MLM prospecting ideas? What was your favorite part? Feel free to comment below to thank Connie for inspiring us all and sharing her amazing tips and tricks.

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