MLM Prospecting: 4 Rules for Your Warm Market

Even if you think you have no warm market, learn these 4 rules of MLM prospecting and you just might recruit them.

Watch this short video to learn what NOT to do and what to do in your MLM prospecting efforts.

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The Truth about Your Warm Market

In the below video I share four rules and several tips on approaching and prospecting your warm market. Even if you think your warm market hates you, if you follow the advice in the below video, you have a VERY good chance of getting some results. If you have a totally, what I call, Burnt market, this post may help you  as well.

Video on MLM Prospecting and Your Warm Market

Be honest, have you ever broken one of the four rules? If you avoid breaking those MLM prospecting rules AND you follow the tips in the above video, you are well on your way to recruiting glory!

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