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Are your prospects telling you that they don’t have money to join your business or buy your product?

Here I share EXACTLY what to say to get them to buy.

How To Respond If Your Prospect Says They Don’t Have Money

What do you say if they ask?

If they say “How much is it?” BEFORE they even watch the presentation.

Don’t Lead With How Much It Costs

Why are they asking about price?

I will tell you… 100% of the time they are asking so they can rule it out.

No matter what price you tell them, they won’t join. It’s true. They are look for an excuse. Even IF it’s only $1.00. They are looking for an excuse.

So, what do you do?

Here is what you say:

Well that depends, because there a few different options. But, it may not cost you anything. Because it may not be a fit for you.”

This is weird to them. Because, MOST network marketers are trying to shove it down their throat.

Be postured.

Don’t give them a number OR a range of price. Don’t say it will cost you between $50-$1000. Don’t do that. Stay postured.

Get Them To See The Benefit

What if they have seen the presentation? What can you say? A

few days ago, I did a training on a facebook live, where I share a few questions to ask your prospect to close the deal. Using these few questions, I know WILL help your closing rate. Feel free to share this with your teammates.

Did you find that helpful?

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