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MLM Leaders Share their Fave Offline Prospecting Strategies

Today we share insights from different MLM leaders and a few of our clients as well. Enjoy these tips and be sure to drop a comment thanking them for their contribution!

Babette Gilbert-Teno

Babette is a top earner in her company and recently attended our Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp where I got to meet her.

Babette says: Getting out of the office every day to meet and collect business cards from 20 new people a day. Every day I go to the gym, a juice bar for a post workout drink, a health food store or healthy restaurant for lunch, then I take different routes and run errands while choosing new places to stop daily.

I incorporate prospecting into my daily life and regular appointments (grocery shopping, gas station, car dealership/service, nails, hair, waxing, dentist, CPA, nutritional iv’s, etal), and meetings / events (Chamber, service club, guest speaking gigs, networking groups, women’s and mastermind groups, etal) as well as while traveling (fellow passengers, airport employees, drivers – cab, shuttle, uber, sedan / rental car employees / hotel employees / etal)

Why?  I love meeting and learning from/about people, and it’s so much more powerful and personable to meet people in person.

Summer Jeronimo

Summer and her husband Juan are top MLM leaders and their team makes up almost 50% of their entire company. Juan and Summer are diamond clients with us and I am super blessed to have originally met them in real estate quite a few years ago where I recruited them into my first network marketing business I ever joined. They have since gone on to totally crush it!

Summer says: I really enjoy meeting people out and about. I do a lot of lifestyle prospecting whether out shopping, running errands, doing business meetings or even attending personal growth events!


I like this because you just fit it in your life as you go! There are people EVERYWHERE! Might as well say “hi”!

luciano fidalgoLuciano Fidalgo

Luciano is a total beast, we interview him for our newsletter recently and he is a client of ours. His team is over 100,000 people strong and I met him at our Marketing event a few months back.

It is very simple, non -threatening and everyone loves to talk about themselves and their culture.

When I meet someone with an accent, my first question is where are you from? I love your accent.

If they are from a country where my company is doing business, I tell them that I am expanding my business in their country and would love to share with them what I am doing. I would be very grateful if they can connect me with some business minded people back home?

If my company is not operating in their country, I simply say I will be expanding my business in their homeland in the future and would love to share with them how this can benefit them. I will explain to them the advantage of being a PIONEER and the benefits to them.

Cedrick Harris

Cedrick is one of the best recruiters I have ever met and is one of our diamond clients. Cedrick was my top leader in my team a few years back and has since gone on to become a 7 figure a year earner inside his company. I HIGHLY suggest you check out the fun interview I did with him – Interview with Cedrick Harris

My favorite offline marketing tool is still to this day the 100 dollar bill drop cards. The reason I still use them and like them is one, they work;) But the main reason is that they are simple and duplicatable.

When people see a 100 dollar bill on the ground they will not walk over it. I know people who wouldn’t walk over a penny, let alone a 100 dollar bill. This tool folds in half and in the middle of it has your marketing message. They can be used on a daily basis in places like…

* The gas station pump where your credit card goes. They fit perfectly in that slot;)
* Inside of magazines like Entrepreneur, Work from home, Home Business Insider, any magazine that targets our profession at your book store.
* Inside of newspaper stands. Take 25 cents and open the stand up and put a drop card in every newspaper and close it back up;)
* On airplanes. One of the first things people read on a airplane is the “gadget” magazine or the “info about the plane” magazine.
* Home and Land magazines. People who are looking for homes are getting ready to create another bill for their life, you can help them with that.

This shares more info on Drop Card Marketing

Bob Heilig

Bob is a total crusher and one of our personal clients. From having done no online sales just last year before he joined our coaching to now generating multiple six figures a year online is just plain impressive. Bob was also recently interviewed by Chalene Johnson and this guy is totally on fire!

My favorite offline prospecting method would be utilizing text messaging to connect with people and to schedule live interactions.  I find that it’s way easier to connect with people initially using text messaging as a way to pique interest and schedule appointments.

I even use text messaging when dealing with cold market prospects as well.

I would estimate that more than 50% of the time when I was scheduling a meeting or call with a prospect, it was done by text message.

They key when using text is to not get into presenting any information and keep it very generic.

Approach text messaging the say way you would an actual live conversation with a prospect.
I always try and follow one basic rule when using text:  try and create curiosity and not raise resistance.

I find that when I begin to do things like give the name of my company or start giving specifics, that raises resistance with prospects.

If I keep it generic and say things like, “I’ve got a project I’m working on I would love to share with you” or “I would love to get your opinion on something I’m working on”, that is a much more effective approach.

Using text messaging allows me to be much more productive with my time and make sure when I do have some spare time to actually “work my business”, that time is filled with actual live interactions which will move my business forward.

Simon Chan

Simon is a guy I really respect and has been serving the industry for years. I was blessed to be interviewed on his podcast here – MLM Nation Interview with Ray Higdon

There are unlimited ways to meet prospects. My favorite way offline is to do activities that. I like to do and meet new friends. Get involved with something you enjoy and build new relationships. I’ve met many friends at my church, basketball leagues, at gyms, and recently, because I have 3 boys now, most of new relationships are built at weekend birthday parties.

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