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MLM Facebook Page: Click Like and Win a Book!

Today may be your lucky day! In fact, for ten of you, it will be! I am giving away some of my favorite books that you can win by simply following my two step instructions that involves clicking one button.

Win a book by clicking one button on my MLM Facebook Page!

OK, that picture to the right is me on my patio holding the different books I am giving away. I have more than 10 copies of each book so I can accommodate whatever people want, here are the rules:

1) Head over to my MLM Facebook Page

2) Click the “Like” button


<<Click the “Like” button once on the page



3) After you have hit “Like” on my MLM Facebook Page, write on the wall your favorite quote or inspirational saying and also specify which book you would like. The books are:

The Og Mandino Trilogy

Endless Referrals

The Magic of Thinking Big

Your First Year in Network Marketing

NOTE: I do NOT have enough books for everyone of course but I am going to send out at least 10 based on who goes to my MLM Facebook Page., clicks like and posts a quote or saying.

Ray, are you bribing me to like your MLM Facebook Page?

Yes, I am 🙂

I figure I could spend pay per click dollars on nameless people that I don’t know or I could reward people on my list with free goodies. By the way, I have been known to give away more than I announce =)


Yes, I am ready to get the scriptbook on closing more professionals into my business. I fully understand that following this script will result in me making more money and feeling less awkward when talking to prospects. I will head over to the page to Download the Little Black Book of Scripts right now.



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To Your Abundance!

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