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MLM Blog: How to Get The Most Value out of Events

If you are in network or online marketing, chances are, you attend events. I want you to take a look back at the last three events you attended and in these 5 tips I am going to teach you how to analyze if you got the most value out of those events and how to improve that for future events.

Do You Have Stacks of Notes From Past Events That You Have Never Touched?

Hey, I have been guilty of this in the past, however, do your best to avoid doing this at all costs. It does you little good to write down things you will never do anything with. In these 5 tips I will share with you what actually will improve the amount of value you get from attending events.

Tip #1 – You are in a perfect environment to connect with people that want more. Connect, don’t sell. Anyone who shows up at an event, especially if it is NOT a free event, means they paid money to attend because they want MORE. Perhaps they want more business, money, time, whatever, but, the fact is they want MORE. If you can surround yourself with people that want MORE, you will have no problems recruiting. This does NOT mean you are pitching your business to them, in fact, I would suggest not telling a soul about your business but getting the business card and or contact information of every person you encounter and then following up AFTER the event. Why? Because no one ever does this.

Tip #2 – Take action notes, not informational notes. Don’t write things down that are simply good ideas, write things down that you will actually do something with. If you get an idea for a blog or video, set a plan on when you are going to create that content.

Tip #3 – Understand that you can learn from anyone, whether you like them or not, however, spend time with people that you actually enjoy being around. If a speaker is a jerk or prima donna, my suggestion would be to hang out with someone else. However, when someone is on stage, whether you like them or not, pay attention to their content as they may give you that one nugget that pays for the entire event.

Tip #4 – Create a set of questions you would love to ask the speakers. You may get a chance to do that in the event or breakout session or, you can nicely ask if you can join them for a meal. Do not, at least at the event, plan on pitching a speaker your business. If you truly connect with them you can reach out and follow up with them when they are not so busy.

Tip #5 – Create your results BEFORE the event. This is a powerful exercise. Sit down and write down exactly what you would like to get out of the event. Who would you like to connect with, what type of people do you want to meet and what do you hope to learn. When you focus on what you really want in life, you are less likely to get random results.

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