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MLM Blog: Target the Real Problem

Why do we do the things we do? Why do people struggle? Why are some people happy go lucky and others are miserable no matter what? Well, today I was listening to Tony Robbins where he revealed his formula for happiness. No matter where you are in life, you can figure out where the real problem is by following this simple formula.

If Your LC = Your BP, You are happy

Look back to a time in your life when you were happy or happier. What did you have going for you? Why were you happy? Was it when you had less stress? Was it when you had more friends? Was it when you felt like you were making a bigger contribution?

LC = Life Conditions, BP = Blueprint

If your life conditions (or your results in your life) = your blueprint for what happiness/success is supposed to look like, then, you are and or were happy when that condition was met. This is different for each person but totally made up by you but typically thought of as a universal truth. So, what is suffering? Let me explain that and then we will use some examples.

If your LC != BP + NC = suffering

In other words, if your current results in your life do not equal what you see as the blueprint for happiness and you feel like you have no control to fix or change it, you are in a state of suffering. The easiest way to tell if you are suffering is if you are blaming anything for your unhappiness. Think about it. Your life conditions nor your blueprint for what happiness is or should be can be controlled by anyone but you. Are there people that have tons of money but are unhappy? Are there also people who are dead broke but happy? The answer is of course, but, why is that? Because their blueprint for happiness is not the same as yours.

What can you do about it?

Change one or the other. I would suggest beginning with your blueprint of happiness. Define it, write it down and determine where you are not meeting your blueprint. Let me give you an example. When I was in High school, I went through a period of dorkiness and then started hanging out with the in crowd. My blueprint of what it meant to be happy changed to equal that I had to be popular. Then, I had something happen that made me believe that I was not popular that challenged my blueprint of what I needed to be happy. It changed so much so that I actually became suicidal. Even thinking about those times now makes me shudder. So how did I get out of that rut and become happier? I changed my blueprint.

I decided that if I was to be happy it had to be up to me, not up to the acceptance of others. We all want to be accepted. We all want to be popular. But, popularity and acceptance does not fill the gap of being happy if you are not happy with who you are. When my blueprint changed, there was an opening for me to be happy without having the things that I previously thought I needed to be happy.

The “if I had X, I’d be happy” syndrome is a mass delusion -Nick Vujicic

What is your blueprint?

Too often we are flailing our arms trying to hit something not even knowing why. Why are you working so hard? Why can life sometimes be a struggle? What do you hope to gain by becoming better or learning something? Take the time to write down your blueprint for happiness. Let me share with you my personal blueprint for happiness and perhaps it will help you.

1. Have a trusting and loving relationship with my significant other

2. Have a loving relationship with my kids and my family

3. Make a contribution to this world and others around me

4. Have the finances to partake in experiences that inspire me and others around me

5. Live a balanced life that I am proud of

What is yours? Do you have a happy blueprint? Some have a blueprint that includes things that cannot be changed. I was married before and got divorced. If my blueprint for happiness was to never get divorced, could I be happy right now? The answer is no. I had a rough childhood that included a lot of mental and physical abuse. If my blueprint for happiness was a great childhood, could I be happy right now? The answer to that is also no. I have been dead broke twice in my life where I could barely afford to pay my bills or simply did not pay my bills. If my blueprint for happiness was to never go broke, could I be happy right now? The answer is NO!

Do you have things in your blueprint that are causing you needless suffering?

Erase anything in your past that cannot be changed out of your blueprint for happiness. Erase anything outside of your control out of your blueprint. Determine a healthy blueprint for happiness that you can actually work toward and have control over.

Know that each one of you reading this right now is a contribution to this world and the world hungers for your story. You are here for a reason and your story needs to be shared with others. Your story alone may touch that person that is suffering right now. Your story may give hope to those that are lacking it right now. Your are a beacon of light that can shine so brightly if you just get out of your own way.

We are living in a time where more people need more hope in their lives than ever before. Be that hope. The cool thing is we all want to contribute to the world and if you are bringing hope, you instantly will know that you are making a contribution. Who can you call reach out to right now and just tell them that you love them or that they are important to you. Bring some sunshine to someone else right now and make that contribution =)



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