When people ask me what is one thing I would do differently in my career if I had to start over, there is one clear answer.

Today I will share that answer and I hope that it helps you get to YOUR goals faster and easier.

No Regrets!

I don’t have any regrets but there is one major thing I would do differently.

I am super grateful to have made all the mistakes I made along the way:

– Failing in 11 companies due to my ego, not being coachable and not understanding the industry

– Failing in an advertising business me and a partner bought

– Getting in over my head in the real estate game and going through foreclosure

Lots and lots more mistakes were made along this journey and honestly, don’t regret any of them as they formed who I am today and prepared me for what is happening in our lives and business now.

What About You?

Do you feel the same about your mishaps and stumbles along the way?

Most people I meet are like a broken record constantly bringing up their past mistakes like they mattered at all with their future. You cannot change the hand you were dealt but you CAN play the hand you have and still win. (you may want to read that again)

The great Michael Beckwith says “Forgiveness is giving up on the fact that the past couldn’t have been any different“. Like it or not, your past DID happen and there is nothing you can do to change that, so stop focusing on an immovable object and instead start molding your future!

The Biggest Mistake (might be helpful to you)

I can tell you, without a doubt, the biggest mistake I made that COST me a lot of money, was not hiring a coach sooner.

Maybe to you that sounds funny? It COST me money not to HIRE a coach? Well, didn’t I SAVE some money by figuring out things on my own early on versus the cost of a coach?


And THAT way of thinking is what prevents people from making huge leaps in their income and lives.

There is a big difference between a cost and an investment. In 2013 I invested $34,000 in a coach that taught me how to structure events and structure and offer mastermind programs (that we now teach our clients). The very first event netted us almost $400,000 in profits. Had I learned that skill earlier, it probably would have added millions to what our company has generated. Once I realized that, we started hiring and working with a LOT of different coaches and mentors to help us really learn how to grow our business so that we could impact more people. WITH the help of coaches the last three years we were able to hit the Inc 5000 list this year and we still have a LOT more growth coming.

Hiring a coach (IF YOU ARE COACHABLE) is NOT an expense, it IS an investment. You can certainly become a top earner in your company, build a large brand or grow any business on your own with enough determination and grit but the truth is if you aren’t hiring people that have already done that, it is going to take you YEARS longer than what it might take as you are going to run into the same obstacles that others already learned how to navigate.

Here are two suggestions for you IF you are serious about growing a large income and want to do it faster.

  1. If you know what you should be doing but you just aren’t doing it and if you aren’t making very much money just yet, I highly suggest you invest in accountability coaching. You can sometimes do this with a teammate but often you get what you pay for. If it is a loose agreement, it may also end loosely. Ponying up and having skin in the game DOES increase your chances of actually following through. If you would like to learn more about OUR accountability program, Click Here
  2. If you are making a decent income but it has not been growing the way you would like it to have been growing, I would suggest a strategic coach. My wife and I help a LOT of six figure earners get to seven figures or a lot of high income top earners learn how to get to the next level. IF you have followed our journey and want to learn how we grew our online brand and more, we may be able to help you. If you would like to learn how you could work personally with us, Click Here

I share this with you guys as I see a lot of people frustrated with their results and it honestly doesn’t have to be that way. There are great coaches in this profession that know how to help you and I hope you start to see that investing sooner in myself is what I believe would have helped me grow A LOT faster and I believe would help you too.

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