Are you grinding away at your business wondering what it takes to achieve massive success?

Here I will share EXACTLY what actions it takes to hit your goals and become a top earner in your company.

Massive Action In Network Marketing

All-out massive action comes down to the number of people you’re connecting with.

All-out massive action means that you’re making some sacrifices, all in the efforts to focus on how many people you’re connecting with, each and every day.

Making 450 Calls A Day

Back when I was I think maybe 19, I worked at a telemarketing company. I would say about 30% of our calls, I was cursed out. Because everyone’s excited to talk to a telemarketer, right? It wasn’t the easiest of jobs. There was a lot of turnover, but we would make 450 calls a day.

Now, there is no network marketer who makes 450 calls a day. Yet to meet him. Feel free. Chime in if I’m wrong, and you’re like, “I do.” I’d love to hear it. I’d love to interview you. I’d love to chat with you, and see how you’re doing that.

But all-out massive action is you’re taking your available time, and you’re prospecting. So if you have an hour, if you have two hours, if you have eight hours, whatever.

You’re taking your available time, and I would say, at least 75% of that available time is spent prospecting, is spent talking to be people. That could be online, offline, cold market, warm market. It could be any of those combinations of things, but it means 75% or more of your available time is spent doing that.

Know Your Why

Now, hardly anyone does that, to be honest. I mean really. That’s something that for most people, anything is easier than prospecting. Studying, reading, sharpening pencils, straightening up the garage because that’s really important, right?

People will do anything to get out of prospecting because that is where the rubber meet the road.

That’s where it’s serious, profit-producing activity, and it isn’t comfortable. It’s no easy, and it’s not something that most people are super-excited about, going out and getting some rejection.

I’m just going to encourage you that the way that you can stick with it is you stick to why you’re doing it. You stick to what is the vision of who do you want to become.

I wanted to become someone that, by the time my head hit the pillow, I wanted to feel like I made a difference in somebody’s life. I wanted to look at my body of work and have that be inspiring, have that be something I’m proud of. And that’s my vision of who I want to become is what has dictated my consistency.

People say, “How are you guys so consistent?” How do we create so much content every single day? It’s because my vision of who I want to become is stronger than my ability to be distracted. Trust me. There’s a lot of distractions out there, as you are aware of.

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What It Takes To Go Hard At Prospecting

All-out massive action means you are going hard at prospecting. Going hard and not sounding like a pushy network marketer. Watch the video below to see exactly how!

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