Manage a Dysfunctional Team

Sometimes it can be hard to get members of your team to want to sell the products. Or even get team members that want to join for the business opportunity and not just for the products. How to still be a leader and manage a dysfunctional team when your team Doesn’t Want To Follow is today’s topic brought to you by Staci and Nicole.

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manage a dysfunctional team

How To Still Be A Leader When Your Team Doesn’t Want To Follow

Staci: I have a team of five people, but all of them only wanted to join to get the great deal on the products. [crosstalk]

Nicole: That was my fault.

Staci: And don’t want to do this as a business. No worries. How do I get them to want to sell the products? Or how do I get a team that wants to join for the business opportunity and not just for the products? Maybe I need the leadership book. Oh, I like that. I like her. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right, Cassie? I love that. What do you think, Nicole, should we give Cassie a leadership book?

Nicole: I think we should, because I think this question is going to serve a lot of people and we appreciate the question, Cassie. So lets, Cassie, look at you [crosstalk].

Staci: I love that, that she asked. Now don’t all of y’all ask now. I do love that, that boldness will serve you. Okay.

Nicole: Yeah. For sure. Okay, so that’s a great question.

Staci: I’m going to let you start you tackle.

Nicole: Oh, you want me to start? Okay.

Staci: Well, why not? Because yeah, we’ll tackle it from different angles.

Nicole: Okay. I have a team of five people. I’m going to start at the top. I have a team of five people, but all of them only want to join to get the great deal on the product. And don’t want to do this as a business. So my question to you, Cassie, is, are you afraid of talking about the business?

Are you just talking about product, right? If you want to talk about the business, that’s perfectly fine, but you can talk about both. And I know that sometimes we can get referrals from just talking about the biz or talking about the products and then letting them know, Hey, by the way, a few people were making a hair and eyelash money on the side.

I don’t know if that’s for you, but if you want to hear more about it, I’m happy to share, right? When you throw that mumble in, it allows them to know. Everybody should know that there’s an opportunity, right? So when you say they joined to get the great deal on the products and don’t want to do this as a business, how do I get them to want to sell the products?

You can’t make anybody sell anything, right? It has to be their idea. You’ve got to lead them. A lot of people in this industry and the way network marketing was created a billion years ago was to move product in the marketplace and open the eyes of those people to see that’s duplicatable and they can fit it into the nooks and crannies of their life.

So they started doing it too. A lot of customers become business builders. But if you’re wanting to really start leading with the language, then lead with the language. And were just talking about this today and Clubhouse, right? Staci, you want to be able to find the people that need your problem or need your solution. Who are those people? Who are you? Why are you here, Cassie? Why are you here? Did you put that on the… I wanted to see the rest of her question.

It’s okay. It’s okay. But someone said something to you that opened your eyes. Did you come here because of the product and then love the product and that you can make a little money. And then you realized that you really were passionate about helping people.

And you wanted to do this, think about who you are, because when you can get into the minds of the people that are just like you, when you niche down hard and find your people, then you’re going to know what they’re thinking and what they need, right? And you’ll be able to reach out and target the right people for you, Cassie. Because when you’re, I love the phrase when you’re stapling Jell-O to the wall, just by reaching out to the masses, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach which, I’m not telling you not to because you should be talking to as many people as you can. Right?

But when you really want to niche down and you, you want to imagine the people that are going to work for you or work with you, rather, who are those people? Who would you want to lock arms with? You don’t want to just lock arms with every random person out there, right? You want to qualify even just for a little bit qualify. Who would you take on a vacation with you? If you could, who could you imagine going on a retreat with what? Five couples, 10 couples, 20 couples, or 30 people, or a hundred people.

Could you imagine being in a room with where you’re like, Oh my gosh, look at these amazing people. They’re kind of like me. We have so much in common. We have so much to talk about. And they’re actually better than me. This is amazing. Imagine who those people are, because then you’ll know your audience and what they need. What do you need? Why are you here? What is this solving for you? Go find the people that need that solution. And then you’ll have more people that are open to the business. Right, Staci?

Staci: It really is important for people to understand that you can not change someone else’s motivation. You cannot change someone else’s desire level. And that’s the function of the kinds of businesses, where you have premium memberships for people who want product. And they can kind of become a business builder just by update, upgrading a little, and then they get a better deal on the product.

The incentive to get the deal is so big for people that they’ll often take advantage of that with zero intention of ever building the business. And so it’s like, you’re trying to turn an elephant into a rhinoceros. It’s not possible if they don’t have a desire to build the business, they’re not going to suddenly decide they have the desire a week later. Now having said that, if you keep them around the campfire, they might eventually catch a spark.

Absolutely. Especially if they understand that there’s an opportunity to make money attached, but you can’t change their desire level for them stop requiring it. Like Nicole said, you just have to stop requiring it because it’s a futile endeavor. Right? And actually, if you do try to push them, you’ll push them right out the door. There’ll be like, see ya. I don’t need this. I can get products from Sally down the road.

Right? So it’s so much better for you to love on them. Be super grateful, especially if they’re on a smart ship, they’re on an auto ship or something, right? Be super grateful. Love on them. Take really good care of them. Let them know what’s possible. Keep them around the campfire and go out there and talk to more people. So you can find the ones who are actually open to an opportunity. That’s your best bet.

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