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Finding Ways of Making Money From Home Is Not Difficult!

Lots of people struggle when it comes to making money from home but it doesn’t have to be that way. I think the best remedy is to change your focus. There are lots of ways to make money but most people look and focus on the wrong things, this post will help.

Stop Focusing on Existing Results

I talked about this almost a year ago – 3 tips for those that used to make a lot of money but it also applies to anyone whether they have made money or not. Stop focusing on where you are currently, your temporary circumstances or even where you came from. All of that energy is wasted on things that don’t really matter with where you want to go. People that justify where they are, stay where they are. There is no reason to tell everyone around you how bad things are as they have things going on themselves and it just doesn’t serve you.

The 1 Disease that will Keep you From Making Money From Home

This self inflicted disease runs rampant in our industry. Know what it is? It is called comparitis. It is the phenomenon of when someone who does not have their desired level of success compares themselves in a very one dimensional way to someone that has their perceived desired level of success. This is debilitating and also a waste of time. Just because someone has had success faster or in a bigger way does not mean you should be jealous or try to rationalize why their success isn’t valid, it just shows you what is possible in this awesome industry and also proves that making money from home is a real industry that can work..if you work.

What to do to Make More Money

In the blog post, 2 Secrets to Making More Money, I talk about defining your perfect prospect and then figuring out how you can solve the problems of those target prospects. The biggest shift if you truly want to start making more money instead of excuses is to focus on what created your results. The level of value you put into the marketplace will have dictated the income the marketplace has rewarded you with. Low income? Add more value. You can add more value by following the steps of defining your target and solving their problems. Not Making Money? Backtrack how much value and or how many problems you have been solving and increase that.

Most people believe that people got to where they were out of some sort of luck. The problem with that thinking is that you then rest your fate in the hands of chance. This is not chance. As my good friend Mark Hoverson says, if you are not making money right now, it is not the economy.

3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Value

1. Do more training events. Webinars or physical events that help train your perfect prospects to do something they want to do.

2. Get on the phone and listen to someone. Try each day to make someone feel important versus convince everyone how important you are.

3. Study something and then teach from that resource. When unsuccessful people buy training they usually do it in the vain of hoping it will help them. Successful people use that same training to certainly learn but also to use as a resource to help other people.

By focusing on what CAUSED your results versus the results themselves, you can easily start making more money. =)

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