3 Tips For Those That Used To Make A Lot Of Money

There are a whole lot of people out there today in America that used to make a lot of money but have been in a funk. Perhaps they were in real estate, construction or perhaps on the speaking circuit. I know there are lots of industries not making as much as they used to. This is one of the most common things I hear from people right now in this economy and it does not have to be that way, IF you have made big money before, you can get there again, more easily than those that have never made big money, this article will help to show how.

Like muscle memory, I believe we also have a money memory, meaning if we had the wherewithal to make big money in the past, we can get there again. The traits are always the same of how someone made big money so simply stepping back into those traits will help you back on the road to riches!

Tip #1 – Stop telling the same damn story. There are several reasons for this. If you continue to tell everyone around you how you used to be, you can never change who you are right now. Telling it “like it is” keeps it “like it is”. Justifying where you are, keeps you where you are. So stop it. You cannot grow while constantly looking and clinging to the past. Another reason to stop telling those around you how much you used to make is people don’t care what you used to be, and, they are sick of hearing your has been stories. They probably won’t tell you to their face but they probably crack jokes about you when you are not around. It doesn’t serve you or impress anyone around you so stop telling those stories.

Tip #2 – Remember how you got there. You were a handful of traits back when you made big money. You were confident, worked hard, probably spent a lot of time on growth and progress of you and your business. Get back to those traits with the number one being confidence. No one ever became successful out of being timid. There is no power in being timid, stop looking for a pity party and get to work like you used to.

Tip #3 – Stop focusing on what is wrong and do something about it. I am in a mastermind session the next 5 days and last night I heard this and I thought it made a whole lot of sense. If you cut your hand and you freak out and continue to tell everyone how bad your hand is cut and don’t do anything about it, you might bleed to death. I see a lot of people bleeding to death right now as they are so focused on what is wrong with them versus what actually needs to be done to move in the right direction. This is similar to Tip 1 but not exactly. People that tell the story of when they used to make a lot of money are covering up what they are really thinking which is, “What the hell is wrong with me?” If you continue to focus on what is wrong with you, you may bleed to death. Stop focusing on what is wrong and start asking, “How can I make it better?” That is a question that you can actually answer and focus on. You can work on figuring out what is wrong with you forever and never actually change your situation. Notice that all of this could be applied to ANY situation, not just for those that used to make a lot of money but currently aren’t.

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