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Make New Friends Online


I am a teacher and a big proponent of people learning how to make new friends online. As a network marketer that has promoted, hmm, let me think, 50 different products, I know the feeling of your friends and family avoiding you. However, there are 3 habits I see when people try to make new friends online that really need to be dropped if you are ever going to grow your business with leads for mlm that you met online.

Bad Habit #1 – Treating them like a hunk of meat. When you desire to make new friends online, treat them like people, not pieces of meat. Guess what? The majority of them will NOT sign up for your business, Especially not at first. However, if you treat them like a person, like how you would like to be treated, you may just make a friend that you end up creating good memories with or they could possibly come into your business later on in life. We could ALL use more friends and as I am not saying to bake them a pie each week but I am saying treat them like you would like to be treated. Do not enter into an online friendship being addicted to the outcome. This means that there should be no getting upset with the person or yourself if that person does not jump into your business. Be addicted to the idea of creating a good relationship.

Bad Habit #2 – Be Friends With People YOU Choose. You are the average of your 5 closest friends. When trying to make new friends online or use the Internet to get leads for MLM, go after people you would actually like to be around and would be a great addition to your friend base. Most people that get into network marketing try to sponsor those they feel they are better than, why not choose to go after people that may actually help you and your business. Remember, it is the mind that we have to work on much more than any technical button to succeed and a friend that pulls you up and makes you a better person may be much more valuable than just a signup.

Bad Habit #3 – Stop Whining. My God, can some people use this advice. Here is a saying I came up with last year:

“The ability to say woe is me shows the abundance of inactivity

Here are some objections I get when I teach MLM’ers to make new friends online:

Whine #1: But Ray, they always pitch me their product instead of listen to my pitch.
Answer: Boo freaking hoo. Life isn’t fair. How about stop treating them like a hunk of meat (even if they are treating you like that) and also stop being addicted to your outcome of them signing up.  How about wish them luck and thank them for telling you about it but you are focused on your business?

Whine #2: Everyone is telling me no.
Answer: You should only be bringing up your opportunity to those that have an itch. Marketing is about providing solutions to problems not actually selling crap. If you are treating people like human beings, they get comfortable with you and may bring up the fact they need financial help or what benefit your mlm helps with. If you have treated them nicely, they will look at your opportunity with an open mind.

Whine #3: I keep getting asked if it is a pyramid scheme.
Answer: You are more than likely over eager in your bringing up of your business in most cases. The pyramid scheme question is really a question of your confidence. I tell people that it isn’t a scheme but it surely is a pyramid. If they asked the shortened version of “Is this a pyramid” I say absolutely! This answer shocks them as they are used to most new network marketers are too much of wieners to have the confidence in their opportunity to answer in this manner. Every organization, government and company you have ever heard of is a pyramid, just look at the organizational chart. There is no such thing as a unilateral organization where everyone is a CEO.

So in your effort to make new friends online and get leads for MLM, break the 3 bad habits mentioned above and you are on your way to success!

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