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Make More Money with
These Phone Sales Tips #SBW2014


Wanna make more money? These phone sales tips may be the fastest way to do so!

Watch this short video for two of my very best phone sales tips.

Part Two in Our Series

It is national small business week and this is part two in our series. You can see yesterday’s here – Why small business marketing strategies fail

Can you build without the phone?

It depends what you are building, IF you are building a small business or network marketing business then my belief is NO. I believe you can build a network marketing business online or offline but you just cannot do it without the telephone.

Now, MOST people are scared of the phone (which means they are more concerned with protecting their self image than they are accomplishing their dreams) but these phone sales tips will help you break through AND avoid some very common mistakes.

Video: Two of my Best Phone Sales Tips

Was that helpful? How about the story about the pool guy? Was that helpful for you and your business? Keep in mind these phone sales tips will work on ANY business that requires you to get on the phone with potential or existing customers. Feel free to share this with anyone you believe could benefit!

To Your Abundance!

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