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Why Most Small Business Marketing Strategies Fail


This week is a national small business week and I thought I would throw a suggestion or two toward my small business owner peeps this week.

Watch this short video to learn why most small business marketing strategies fail (and how to make them better).

Heads Up

In case you were wondering, YES, network marketers are small business owners, at least, you better treat your business like that IF you want a business type income.

Plumbers and Small Business Marketing

Inside the below video I talk about my experience last week with four different plumbers, I won’t give away the story and the lessons that everyone can learn (including network marketers) but a big shout out to First Class plumbing as they did everything the right way, which, is pretty rare for small business owners nowadays.

Why do Most Small Business Marketing Strategies Fail?

Inside the below video I share with you two big reasons but let me share the overriding reason small business marketing strategies don’t work.

MOST advertising companies and small business owners focus on one thing and that is lead or customer acquisition. What they don’t focus on are two big fat profitable categories, conversion and retention. You will learn more about what I mean about conversion inside the below video but it will teach you WHY simply focusing on small business marketing strategies to generate leads is NOT enough to increase profits.

Video: Two Big Lessons in Small Business Marketing

Was that beneficial? Do you see what I was talking about in regards to marketing not mattering if you don’t follow some basic rules? IF you want to get smarter at your marketing, learn ways to generate leads and actually turn those leads into sales, be sure to register for tonight’s webinar here, this is one night only and feel free to share with your teammates and friends. IF you know a small business owner that is struggling, this webinar and the above video may just help them out big time!

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