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Make Money From Home Using an Online Marketing System

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday!

There are a set of reasons why most people have failed in network
marketing and also failed to make money online.
I know because I have been there and I have also been
to the success table too. The reasons why people have failed or
will fail in network marketing are one or a combination of these:

1. An already burnt out warm list. By approaching their friends, family
members, neighbors, pastors, barbers, kids, etc with past gimmicks
potions, lotions and money making ideas, they find that they are
part of the NFL league (No Friends Left League)

2. They’ve tried multiple opportunities and failed. Bad upline
support, too competitive markets, got in too late (saturation), or
even the rare case of a company shutdown.

3. No time. Most people simply do not have the time to build a
whole new business let alone attend the 50,000 home meetings,
luncheons, webinars, conference calls, bonfires, etc.

4. Complete Lack of friends. Pretty tough to do NETWORK marketing
when you don’t have a network!

Those are ALL very valid reasons. When the above reasons are your
experience, then yes, you will fail. But here is the bottom


I have masterminded with the top online marketers to create an
Online Marketing System the likes of which has never been seen before. This is a
system that you can use just like the top recruiters in my business
are using it. Welcome to the world of FUNNELS.

According to Google, A ‘funnel’ is a series of pages through which
a visitor must pass before reaching the goal conversion.

In layman’s terms, that means a series of highly developed pages
to drive interest to get them to sign up for your business. Before
you get confused, let me explain what this is NOT.

This “Funnel” is NOT
– Attraction Marketing
– A Simple landing or squeeze page
– Homework for you

With attraction marketing you have to create your own blog, videos,
articles, logos, interviews, caricatures and also constantly come
up with new, enticing, riveting content that attracts others to you,
Boy, that is a LOT of work! And if you are new, what the heck do
you blog about?

How many times have you purchased a “system” just to find out that
you didn’t purchase an Online Marketing System, you purchased a whole bunch of
HOMEWORK! They sell you on the system and its automation just for
you to realize (after you pay of course) that it is automated
only if you do something with it every single day and after you
study your hours and hours of homework and put it into practice.
That is about as automated as you swinging a hammer to build a

For the last two months in my primary business, I have been the
top earner in the company! And I can tell you that this FUNNEL
has a WHOLE LOT to do with it!

Darren S.(Ontario, Canada) – Over 100 personal signups in 5 weeks
through the Online Marketing System
Eric B. (Bonita Springs, FL) – Over 60 personal signups in 2.5 weeks
through the Online Marketing System
John S. (Tallahassee, FL) – Over 80 personal signups in 5 months
through the Online Marketing System
(but has amassed a team of over 600 people)

These are just SOME of the success stories out there from this
system. Here is exactly what it does for you:

1. Gives you a powerful way to introduce and entice people into
your business.
2. Skips all the homework and physical labor of attraction marketing
and figuring out how to brand yourself
3. Saves you tons of money and time from having to create your
own website, blogs, etc
4. With a funnel, lots of times people walk through the system,
5. Myself and the creators of the system hold prospecting calls
to help close your prospects FOR YOU while you drink pina coladas!
(or the beverage of your choice!)
And Perhaps the most powerful
6. You can coop with our advertising! You can purchase shares of
our banner advertising or even do like I did and coop on our
postcards marketing! You get this all at our cost!

Here is your access to the system – http://www.15kprofits.com/8135
or if you want the video driven funnel – http://www.backedbyresults.com/8136


As the top earner the last two months in this business, I can share
with you that there are people on my team earning over $30,000 a
month…and we just launched August 15th of 2009.

We Have Not Even Begun.

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800

Here is your access to the system – http://www.15kprofits.com/8135
or if you want the video driven funnel – http://www.backedbyresults.com/8136
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To Your Abundance!

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800

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