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Live Footage from Convention:
Get Fired Up!

It has been less than a month and my business has been exploding. I smuggled this live, raw footage from my companys national convention and thought you could use it to get fired up!

Since This Video Was Shot…

Traffic to my blog has gone up 43% (which is pretty good being that I was already getting some serious traffic. My team volume has gone up 57% and three people in my team have already qualified for a 7 day, 6 night cruise…even though there are still 57 days left to qualify. Pay attention to what is in this video and it just might get you fired up (whether you are in my team or not).

Make it About a Mission, Not a Commission

Every single day I get emails from the online hypemasters preaching money, money, money. Notice that I didn’t really talk about that in this video, why? Because money in of itself is not a high enough vibration to get people to really MOOOOVVVEEEE. Get people to buy into a mission, a movement, a way of charging and you will see more growth in your business.

What I would Change From This Video

One thing I would change is the breakdown of time. I talk about 8 hours part time, that is something hardly anyone can do, even if for only 90 days. You do what you can, but, if you are doing a 90 day blitz like I talk about in this video, you do more than you have ever done before, whatever that looks like.

Here’s to hoping you get fired up! Enjoy!


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