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Meditation to Increase Your Home Business Income

I get asked A LOT on how and why I meditate, this blog will save me time from having to repeat myself! I used to get stressed out, a lot. The type of stress where my mind simply could not concentrate on what I was reading, listening to or even doing as I had so many thoughts going through my head that overwhelmed me. I was constantly switching subjects in my head thinking of things I needed to do or things I had to write down and it greatly impacted my performance. That is, until I discovered meditation. In this blog I will share with you how to meditate and why this will contribute to making more money in your home business.

What Does Meditation Actually Do?

I believe it centers and calms you and your mind. Take a minute right now and calm your mind. Focus on your breathing. IF you did this exercise, most would discover racing thoughts about the upcoming day or things on your to do list. Think about this, how can you possibly come up with new thoughts and ideas if your mind is already full of thoughts? The more you can clear your mind, the more new and more creative ideas you can come up with and the better you will handle adversity. When your mind is already crammed with stuff and an emergency or obstacle presents itself, you can go into overload and “freak out”. Work on calming your mind and you are going to be more prepared for life is going to throw at you. A calmer mind will come up with new ways to build your home business and a ton of other benefits as well.

How to Meditate

Couple schools of thoughts on how to meditate. I believe the best way to meditate is to sit up straight, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth and concentrate on your breathing. Thoughts will come in and try to take away your attention, don’t try to fight them from coming in but let them pass and go away, switching your concentration back to your breathing. I personally use Holosync from Centrepoint research to listen to while doing this process. They are currently doing a limited time giveaway where you can actually get a free demo CD sent to you (you don’t even pay shipping costs) by going to this site – Holosync Meditation. I have used holosync for years and I believe it is the best meditation soundtrack on the market.

What the heck does this have to do with making money?

In a word, everything. Your thoughts become things. What you think about you bring about into your life. If you are constantly bombarded with thoughts of small things that are on a to do list, you won’t come up with the big ideas for your business that could send you soaring. By calming yourself and opening your mind to new thought patterns, all of a sudden you will have that new idea that will explode your business. I have. Lately I have been meditating even more. Sometimes I set an intention before I begin such as, How can I impact the most amount of people in the next 12 months. This intention led me to create my vibrational money immersion webinar which led to my 15 week home study course described below. It is hard to quantify how much you are losing if you are NOT meditating but I can tell you, it only takes one good idea, to explode your business and meditation is a key ingredient to unleashing your creativity.

Home Study Course – Vibrational Money Immersion

This week I am starting a 15 week home study course on Vibrational Money Immersion. Each week for 15 weeks you will get a new mp3 for your digital library along with a homework assignment that I personally will be overlooking that will get turned in via email. If this sort of accountability program and additional to your digital library interests you, shoot me a quick email at [email protected] and I will send you the details. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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