Folks, this is incredible, I have ordered it myself and really believe this is going to be huge!

If you liked “The Secret,” you’re going to love
(and I mean love) the new movie called “Leap!” –
starring Dr. Joe Vitale.

Filmmakers Chad Cameron and Isaac Allen
put together the most incredible ensemble of
the world’s greatest spiritual thinkers in what
could be the most thought-provoking film of all
time. (I’ll list all the co-stars in a minute.)

Leap! is a film that will challenge your current
way of thinking and compel you to consider
(based on an ageless theory), that “The world
is an illusion.”

You will learn how to live your life as an
infinite being with no boundaries. (Get ready to
experience true happiness, peace, fun, love and
joy in every area of your life.)

This idea may challenge your current beliefs and
ideals. To think of yourself, your family,
friends and everything you know and love as part
of an elaborate illusion sounds insane, doesn’t it?
(But then again Albert Einstein did say, “Reality is
merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Leap! explores ancient and modern philosophies
and philosophers who support the illusion theory.

To Leap! beyond the illusion is to let go and
live from inspiration…

To Leap! beyond the constraints of your current
perceived reality and what you think you know…

To consider The Truth of who you really are —
an infinite being — a participant in the grand

The purpose of Leap! is to invite all of us to
live beyond the illusion by knowing what is
really going on here. This philosophy is *not*
about denying our physical experience.

Ultimately it is about Leaping BEYOND the
limitations and restrictions that this illusion
appears to impose on all of us.

What would your life look like if you chose to
live knowing that you are an infinite being —
your world is an illusion being constructed for
your enjoyment — there is nothing “to do”
except what you are inspired to do — and you
cannot ever really make a mistake.

As an infinite being you will experience all the
following possibilities…

– True Happiness, peace, fun, love and joy in
every area of your life

– A life with no limits or restrictions

– Live life every day knowing that anything is
possible and everything is perfect right here,
right now

And please keep in mind…

This philosophy is not about visualization,
manifestation, or creating with intention. It is
a complete paradigm shift in how you live your
life as a result of truly knowing who you really

Even though we believe it’s all an illusion —
this life is still a great adventure.

Leap! stars Joe Vitale, Robert Scheinfeld, Dan
Millman, Cynthia James, Fred Knight, Fred Alan
Wolf, Michael Brown, Gary Crowley, Gary Renard,
Amir Zoghi, Nicole Casanova, Tom & Linda
Carpenter, Ingrid Elfver, Lyn Corona, Manny Otto,
Amber Terrell, John Sherman, Elvia McGarry,
William Arntz, James Twyman, Peter Russell,
Puppetji and Max Simon.

You can purchase Leap! for only $25, plus a
nominal shipping & handling fee by going to…