What’s the Difference Between a Lead and a Prospect?

Lead vs Prospect… Knowing the difference between the two is very important when having a network marketing business.

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Lead vs Prospect - What’s the Difference?

Lead vs Prospect

Marty asks, “Do I consider all likes on a story, a lead?” So I definitely wouldn’t call that a lead, but it could be someone you reach out to. To me, typically a lead is someone who raises their hand in a more distinctive way. If you say, hey, like this if you’re interested in learning more about my program. Then okay in that scenario, I would say someone likes it. Maybe they did it accidentally, but I would say that could be a lead.

Now that doesn’t mean just because if you post a picture of your family and you get a hundred likes, are those a hundred leads? I wouldn’t call that a hundred leads, but I might reach out to them and connect with them. So feel free to do that. See what I mean? See the distinction there. And so I hope that helps, hope that helps. All right. Another question.

Let’s see. Let’s see. All right. So Tiffany, this is a great question. This is a great question. More people need to ask this kind of question. Tiffany asks, “How do you balance supporting the leaders on your team to grow their teams while support… ?” I think you’re saying while supporting everyone else.

So I think to realize… What’s up, Angela. I don’t even know how you got up here. One thing to realize is that whatever you do for your team, they think they have to do. So if you’re calling them all the time, if you’re taking, if you’re doing really long phone calls with them all the time, then they think that’s what they’ll have to do. And most people don’t want to do those things, and most people will sabotage their success.

And so it needs to not rely on you, your personality, your charisma. It needs to more rely on systems. It needs to rely on the culture of the group. It need to rely on the systems as far as videos, as far as your customer support, etc. And so I would just be aware.

The other day I did, I don’t even know what it was, Facebook live maybe. And I had some different coaches on, and one of them was saying that they have one day a week where they get on 30 minute phone calls with their leaders. And I told him, listen, I get it where you may have to do that sometimes, but that actually may be hurting your duplication.

And the reason is one, if you’re having a conversation, not if you’re talking personally and you’re just shooting the breeze and you’re just chatting it up, go for it, do however much of that as you want. As long as you don’t feel like you have to do that, because if you feel like you have to do that, they’ll feel like they have to do that.

If you’re talking about the business in these 30 minute calls, then you actually could be hurting them. You actually could be sabotaging them because one, it’s not recorded. They can’t rewind it. They can’t replay it. They’re not going to remember it. They’re not going to remember all of it, Two, it’s not in the cloud. They can’t point their people to it.

So if someone in their team comes with the exact same question and they can’t recite it and they can’t point to the recording, what are they going to do? They’re either going to send them to you, or they’re just going to think, you know what, I’m not ready to be a leader.

And so you just want to be very, very careful with how you show up for everyone in your organization. And so, I’m a big, big fan of go do this, report back in. So if I’m talking to somebody and they say, hey, I really need help building my business. I go like, okay, cool. What have you done so far? Have you gone through the fast start? No, go through the fast start, report back in. They report back in. Okay, cool.

Based on the fast start, what ideas did you get to build your business? Well, I think I’ll reach out to my warm market first, if that’s their choice. And I say, okay, cool. Why don’t you reach out to, you know, seven or eight? Are you comfortable with that? Okay, cool. Report back in. So these are more like one to two minute conversations, not big long conversations.

And the most important thing, and the thing to always remember, no matter what different advice you get, and we talk a lot about this in our, where is it? Where is it? There it is. All right. I don’t want to mess up my thing here. But we talk a lot about that in our leadership book, which is now available in Spanish. And so we talk a lot about these kinds of concepts in our leadership book.

But the number one thing you can do for your team is build a new one, and that doesn’t mean ignore the existing, doesn’t mean be mean to them, or they’re less than. It means you go do the work you wish that your people were doing, and that means understanding they may not and being and that’s okay. But you consistently going and doing the work. That has to be priority number one, if your goal is to grow.

Now, if you’ve reached a level and you’re like, you know what, I’m just going to sip lemonade in the shade and I don’t need to grow anymore, then that’s your choice. Do whatever you want, no judgment. But if you are wanting to aggressively grow your business and continue that compounding effect of building, then you’re going to have to get on your daily routine.

And remember, very hard to lead people if you can’t lead yourself. So you lead yourself with your daily routine. You lead yourself with what pushups are you doing? Whatever that means to you, whether it’s marketing or prospecting, follow-up, discipline and self-development, etc.

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