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Lasers & Beaches from Jonathan Budd Event

We had a blast at the Jonathan Budd Unstoppable Entrepreneur event, check out the video for the laser light show as well as some cool beach shots…

JonathanBudd Puts on a SHOW!

Honestly, this event was crazy lol. A $10,000 PER DAY laser light show, created by guys that actually work at Disney to more dancing than you can imagine, it was a KILLER event!

My friend and teammate Michelle Pescosolido and I spoke on Saturday night and had a lot of fun, I share my notes from my talk on this blogpost – 5 MLM Success Tips.

My first time in La Jolla a Few Years Ago

San Diego is One of My Favorite Cities

We actually stayed in La Jolla on the famous golf course, Torrey Pines. It was beautiful, be sure to check out my walk around Torrey Pines as well as my hike to the beach, some beautiful scenery and a couple life lessons too.

I still remember the first time I made it to San Diego. I had been speaking in Scottsdale for real estate in a suit in July and it was like 110 degrees, then, quick flight to San Diego to 64 degree weather that was perfect. That is when I first fell in love with San Diego!

If you go to La Jolla, do the broken hill hike, hit George’s for some fish tacos and walk down to the cove to see the sea lions!

Video: Clips from the Jonathan Budd Trip


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If you were at the event, leave me a comment at the bottom on your favorite part, or, if you have been to this area of the country and love it, tell me what I missed out on that I should have seen so I do it next time I am there! And, be sure to catch the next Jonathan Budd event, whenever that is!

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