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Keep Going: Benefits of Hard Work

This may be a VERY good blog for you to understand the benefits of hard work.

I believe there are two main reasons people quit, let’s dive in so that doesn’t even occur to you!

The Two Main Reasons People Quit

People quit all kinds of different things. Sometimes they quit playing guitar, sometimes they quit going to tennis lessons and sometimes they quit going after their dreams.

I believe there are two main reasons that quit:

1. They forget why they started and

2. They don’t consider their alternative options.

For example, when I started building my network marketing business I was in foreclosure, dead broke and had been really struggling with my mindset and self worth for about a year. For me, quitting was never an option but I have seen so many people with big dreams quit over the years that it forced me to look into why.

I hope that this blog will help inspire at least one person to keep going, it isn’t easy but it is worth it!

One of my Big Why’s

When we were still dating my wife was paying my utility bills and believed in me when I really didn’t. When I did get focused and told her that the next two years were going to be hell, she stuck by my side and for that (amongst many other reasons), I want to spoil her the rest of her life. This was one of the big reasons that kept me going was becoming the man that could spoil her and do crazy things on special days.

Benefits of Hard Work

So, this year for Valentine’s day I rented a helicopter, landed on a golf course and had an amazing Dinner on Sanibel Island.

For our three year Anniversary I got a limo, rented a 40 foot yacht and had dinner on the water.(my concierge set it up for me and it was actually not expensive at all) For me, as a man and husband, one of the big benefits of hard work is having the ability to spoil her, check out the video from last night and hope it inspires you to go after whatever reasons YOU have for becoming wealthier and creating more freedom.

Did you like the video? Can you see yourself creating memories like that with the person you love? I hope so, remember the two reasons I mentioned above so you don’t even consider quitting and keep chasing your dreams.

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To Your Abundance!

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