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Just Got Back From The 8 Day Cruise I Won!

So one of my main goals with this 8 day fully paid for cruise was to connect with the other leaders of the company. Keep in mind out of almost 10,000 people less than 20 leaders made it on this cruise so these are the best of the best and with everyone being so focused on building, we all don’t always have the time to talk to each other as much as we would like to.

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Mike Hatch from Texas. To know Mike is to love him, he is freaking awesome. He has such a great heart and a great sense of humor. I had a great conversation with Mike and want to share some of the life lessons I got out of it.
“If I had to do it all over again” said Mike, “I would be a fulltime network marketer.” Now, you have to understand a little about Mike to fully appreciate that statement. Mike has made millions of dollars in real estate and many millions building up businesses and selling them. Whenever you are around a veteran of any industry, I find one of the most powerful questions you can ask them is what they would do differently. He said he would have focused on network marketing, so the obvious reason is why. His number one reason was overhead. In network marketing you have an unbelievable small amount of overhead, which translates to less risk of any business out there. This is important to grasp guys, of all the money Mike has made he really values keeping a low overhead. We talked about a lot more and I share it in this video below.

What an awesome day! Today we landed in Grand Cayman and last night was the captain’s dinner where everyone got all dressed up and we had lots of fun. At the midnight comedy show there was some crazy woman right next to us yelling obscenities at the comic but other than that it was fun.

This morning I had breakfast with my friend David Wood. David is a really talented and interesting guy. He is 29, was born in Alaska but currently lives in Costa Rica. David was the top income earner for iLearningGlobal. For those that may not know the story, they were a network marketing company with digital self improvement education as their product. A few months ago they closed their doors and that is when Dave decided to jump into our company. Here is the most powerful thing I think everyone should understand about leaders. Dave had worked his way up to the top income earner and recruiter and was making over $10,000 a month with iLearningGlobal. When he got the call that they were shutting down their mlm portion of their company, he didn’t mope, cry and complain about how unfair the world was, he immediately got on skype and called someone he knew was in Numis. You see, life isn’t fair, and the sooner you grasp that; the sooner you can stop hoping for life to be perfect. Make no mistake, life is perfect but it’s just not the way you think perfect looks like. You grow the most in life by your challenges not your successes. Below is a video from Grand Cayman and talking about some of the rest of the conversation I had with my buddy Dave.

Bonus Video!
When we landed in Grand Cayman, we hung out a bit at Margaritaville. It is there where I, and several hundred other people, had the opportunity to witness a live performance of the TTO hustle by none other than Larry Beacham.

Fun Facts:
1. We rented the 3-wheel waterbike when we were on the beach. My advice: never rent it unless you feel like paying money to work out really hard to go very slow!
2. My girlfriend and I got the hot stone massage on the ship, this was awesome!

Today we land in Cozumel and we are all excited! At breakfast this morning I had an awesome conversation with some leaders in another team. Rocco, Theresa, Brian and Tammy are also leaders in our company and they are having fun succeeding at their very first network marketing company.

Theresa said something I think everyone should understand. Theresa has been a stay at home Mom for over 2 years and for those 2 years she has been searching for a way to make money from home but no one had ever approached her about network marketing. Everyone reading this, especially new people need to understand that there are people out there LOOKING for a way to make extra money from home. Too many people see talking about network marketing as selling or doing something no one wants to hear about and that simply is NOT the case. I shared with them the story of a very wealthy insurance salesman I met that was so excited when I told him I was in network marketing as no one ever approached him either and he loved the concept. This is a guy that has made millions in insurance sales but was never approached about mlm. This goes to show you that not all people you run into have to be “sold” on network marketing, they already like it and might actually love to hear from you.

While in Cozumel we did a “Snuba” excursion. This is where you have a hose attached to a scuba tank that is not attached to you but in a floating raft. It’s a cross between snorkeling and scuba. It was awesome! Afterwards we had some authentic Mexican food where I shot this video with my good friend Chris.

Today we landed in Isla Roatan, Honduras, I had heard a lot about this place so I was very excited. We got off the boat and immediately took a chair lift to Mahogany Bay Beach. It was very, very nice and we met up with some of the other leaders. We hung out with my buddies Cedrick and Larry and their significant others. It was fun but it was on this day that I started itching to get back and start working, maybe some reading this can relate but when you love what you do, you don’t see it as something you NEED to take a vacation from. We did have a funny experience that was interesting in Isla Roatan.

We were looking for a different zipline excursion to take than what was offered right at the port and we got in a car that said there was one 5 minutes away. After about 15 minutes of driving through some pretty rough areas we started to wonder if we were going to be killed, lol. I am one to err on the side of NOT getting kidnapped and killed so we asked the driver to turn around and take us back to the port. After asking 3 times he finally did. He dropped us off close to the port and didn’t ask for any money, pretty strange but glad we all lived to tell it.

At night we had an absolute blast, they had a Michael Jackson dance-off in the night club and I also killed it on the blackjack tables, a good time was had by all! Tomorrow is Friday and I am going to start marketing for our event we are having for the company on Saturday, stay tuned and I will share how I am going to market it!
Today’s video is us on the chair lift with my friends and girlfriend, life is good!

OK, last night was a pretty late night so I was not even sure I would make it on Belize, and, I didn’t! I am kind of bummed as I hear they had some great shopping there. My friend Brady got Versace jeans for $30 and Prada shoes for $50, they look pretty sweet, not sure if they are real or not but who cares right?
So, today is the first day or real marketing for our event. Our company is doing an opportunity meeting on the ship at 2pm on Saturday. I have talked to a few people on the ship that say they are going to come but I want to really pack the event. I am very interested in any other ideas you all may have on how you would market this sort of event. I went down to guest services with my buddy Chris and came up with this marketing piece below. I will break down each piece to share with you why I did it this way.

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So, what do you think? I wanted to grab their attention with the free trip then raise curiosity that there may be a “Wrong” way to make money with gold and silver (sometimes I crack myself up). People also like gift raffles so I threw that in there too. Remember, when marketing for an event, the goal is not to CLOSE them but to get them curious enough to show up to the event. I found out today that the owners want me to do the meeting tomorrow so I am pumped and hope we have a big event. There is an incentive for the rep that brings the most guests but I am more concerned with getting butts in the seats than getting credit. What would you have done differently with this marketing piece? Make a comment that is good and I may feature you  in a video or blog post!

Fun Fact: I won $600 at the blackjack table tonight! That with the $350 I made the night before and I am only down about $200! LOL

So today we conducted our meeting on the ship for our opportunity. It was AWESOME! We had almost all the leaders in attendance and 16 guests! Not sure if you have ever tried to get people on a vacation cruise to a serious business opportunity meeting but I think 16 guests was a really good turnout. I know several joined the company and I was honored that the founders chose me to do the presentation.

Cedrick Harris, Mike Hatch and Kevin Giguerre got up and added some great company testimonials after the presentation. It is awesome to be surrounded by strong leaders and I cannot speak for them but I learn something from all of them each and every day.

I hit the pool after the presentation then took it easy the rest of the night. Tomorrow we leave the ship and head home. It was a great cruise but I am excited to be back and in action!

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