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It’s Harder to Make $1,000/Month in MLM Than $10,000/Month

Yes, you read that right, because it is true. This is one of the reasons so many people give up doing network marketing is they can’t get past this one idea. Network marketing is about geometric growth, versus your typical sales job of addition. I used to teach people to go door to door selling advertising to businesses and that job was about addition. Get one sale, go out and get another. Nothing was residual income, you were trading dollars for hours (like most Americans) and never did you bring on a customer that was then going to go sell for you. That is addition selling. Network marketing is all about geometric selling. I help someone get into business then they may go and bring someone else on that may bring someone else on and so on. But, few get to the level of $1,000 a month so they never get to see how easy it is to go from $1,000 a month to $10,000 a month.

Too many people treat Network Marketing like it’s a hobby. If you get into network marketing without the mindset that it is a 12 to 36 month commitment, at least, then, you probably should not even try network marketing. I recall I was at a company function a few years ago and I was talking to a real nice couple from Tennessee. Now, this function was only for $100,000 a year earners and above so I knew they were probably pretty serious about their business. They went on to tell me that they had gotten involved about a year before and their first 6 months they did not recruit one person! Let’s do some quick math everyone, been in 12 months, got zero people the first 6 months and now were sitting at the $100k a year club, not bad. You see, they epitomized the title of this blog. It took them 7 months to get to $1,000 a month but only 90 days later were over $10,000 a month. That is from geometric growth. The majority of their team they did not even know as they brought in someone who brought in someone who then blew up their business.

But most quit way before that type of growth happens. As the top income earner in my company I see it all the time. Someone has a decent team growing, experiences a minor hiccup, starts to question the business, which, gets their team to question the business too, and, down she goes. The people that tend to do best at network marketing are the people that have the long term commitment to building this as a business, not a hobby. You can get to a point where you CANNOT STOP the growth of your team, but, you have to get to $1,000 a month first.

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