Is Your Ego Costing You Money?

This is a fun topic isn’t it? There are many different shades to what I classify as Ego and this post will help you decipher if yours is costing you money. I can tell you many, many times our ego costs us a lot of money but let me break down exactly what I mean. Having a knowledge of when ego keeps you from attaining your financial goals may help you make better decisions.

The Obvious

If you act like a big shot even around people you do not know, you are an idiot. You never know who you may be around that might be a crucial relationship that could bring you lots of other relationships and therefore translate into money. One trait that certain people have is they act a certain way around some people and different around others, all based on what they BELIEVE the persons worth is. I see this a lot in Network Marketing. People see people and treat them in a non-caring way and then if they find out that the person is a big money earner they completely change their tune. This is plain silly. Successful people can smell fakes a mile away and there is no reason to put on a front that you are a big shot. When I used to train people to sell door to door, I used to tell them, “People don’t like to kick puppies”. Now, what the heck does that mean? That means if you are a constant student and actually nice to people, for the most part, they will be nice to you back. By acting a certain way you may be obliterating a relationship before  you even knew you could have used it.

The Not So Obvious

This one gets so many people. The not so obvious way your ego may be costing you money is when you ask for help and then proceed to tell the person giving you the advice why their advice is no good. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you take advice from anyone off the street, quite the contrary. I would suggest you get advice from people that have the lifestyle, income or position you actually desire, not the people around you that are broke and or miserable.

Bruce Lee did a great, great job of pointing out this flaw. People would travel all over the world to be trained by Mr. Lee. By the time someone decided to pursue his teaching they had probably been doing martial arts for more than a decade. They were very, very good at what they knew. He would sit them down and have two glasses of liquid. One would be filled to the top and the other would be half full. He would tell them that they came to him as they see him as being superior in martial arts, he represented the full glass. They, having some knowledge, represented the half full glass. If they tried to hold onto what they already knew, he could never teach them everything he knows as they already had some in their glass. When you are asking someone you respect for their guidance and advice…empty your damn glass!

I don’t know how many times someone has come to me for advice and once given they proceed to tell me all the reasons why it will not work for them. This is an ego problem, leave it at the door! If you have the intelligence to ask for help, which, not everyone does, then also couple that up with the intelligence to do what is suggested without qualifying it or deciding that it will not work. Don’t contemplate all the reasons why the advice will not work, test it and then see what your results are and go from there.


Some of you may be thinking, but Ray, I am big time! Let me help you out with this one, you are not. You never ever, ever ever, ever ever want to position yourself as someone who knows it all. I just came home from an 8 day cruise I won with my primary network marketing company. My mission? To learn as much as possible from the other leaders that made it. It was not to show how big time I was or how great I am, it was to pick the brains, build rapport and spend time with the other leaders that while living fast paced lives we do not always get a chance to do. Never, ever think you are too big time to learn from someone else. Big time or not, you are always either growing or dying and if you think you have learned it all, well, you are not growing and no one will want to help you as people don’t like to be around big shots and know-it-alls!

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