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Which Internet Marketing Event I am Planning to Attend!

I spend a lot of money on improving myself and my marketing game. In the last 12 months I have spent more on marketing coaching than I MADE in the entire year of 2009. There is an event coming up that I am attending that I paid thousands for that you might consider if you are serious about your marketing game.

When Can You Stop Investing in Yourself?

My answer to that question…when you die! You are always either growing or dying and I want to always be growing! Constantly working on your mindset, marketing and yourself is the ONLY way to ensure long term success. That does not mean to buy everything out there but to selectively choose events to attend and products that will bring you closer to your goals, and, the cool thing is, it’s actually fun to spend money on cool events where you will meet new people and learn new things.

Marketing Event: Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar 8

The other day my good friend Daegan Smith sent me an email on an event he was going to and wanted to know if I was going. If you don’t know Daegen, he is a traffic ninja that taught all the guys that teach traffic now (including guys like Jonathan Budd). I have been wanting to work closer with Daegan for awhile so I thought if he is ponying up the money to attend this marketing event, I will too (leaders typically make fast decisons).

This is not a cheap event but if you like to save money like I do, you can save 40% if you decide to attend before January 31st. If you decide to go, and you buy through my link here – Get Your Ticket, I will shoot you over my cellphone number so we can meet up at the event and talk about your marketing. If you have been on my list for any length of time you know I am very, very particular on what I affiliate myself with. However, I have a cool story about Yanik, the guy who is running the event.

How I First Ran Across Yanik Silver

It was 2009 and real estate had completely crushed me. I have a total of 8, yes, 8, foreclosures coming at me and I was depressed, feeling worthless and seriously questioning what the hell was wrong with me. My girlfriend Jess was working at Nordstroms at the makeup counter to pay my utility bills and I really didn’t know what I was going to do.

A friend of mine introduced me to a network marketing company and things started turning around. I was hammering away at my warm market and doing a lot of offline work to find prospects and it was going fairly well. Then, a friend of mine who had been in a past network marketing company called me, said he was moving and was getting rid of some of his marketing books and DVD’s and wanted to know if I wanted them, I told him I would take a look.

Turns out he had bought several products from Yanik but had actually never even opened them! Have you ever done that? OK, I admit I have. So I took all the Yanik stuff he had and dove in. What happened over the next 3 months is we got more Internet marketers into our company than any other company out there! My business exploded and just a few months later had my first $40,000 month in my primary company but what really mattered is that I changed the way I thought about marketing and that has forever changed my income, way of life and of course my results.

Early Bird Bonuses

Yanik has a ton of early bird bonuses to those that buy before January 31st including a VIP networking dinner, the complete recordings of Underground 7, and the fundamental series of starting with online marketing. You can check out the bonuses and all the details about the event on his page at Underground 8. I really hope to be hanging out with some of you at the VIP dinner and excited for what 2012 is going to bring us all. Here’s to your learning!

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