Are you interested in generating an income stream from your
dead real estate leads? Would you be interested if I told you
that by selling your leads you could actually cover your cost
and more of all of your advertising?

Well Ron Gelok has figured out how to do this and he is willing
to share the secret!

A Tale of Two Students…
Back in late October we held a seminar called “How To Make
Money on The Internet”. In that seminar we offered a copy
of the DVD at the end, which, for several reasons has taken much
longer than it should have to edit and get into the hands of the
people that purchased it. If you are one of those people, please
respond and we will get you your copy very, very soon! Now, here
is where our tale begins…
Two people attended the same seminar. Both stayed the entire
seminar. Both had similar experience when it came to internet
marketing…but only one took action! One lady asked for her money
back from the seminar as it had taken so long to edit and the other
chose to take the knowledge from the seminar and put his OWN PRODUCT
on ClickBank!

Ron Gelok was one that took
action! Here is the testimony from Ron….

“I spend $20,000-$40,000 a year in attending seminars. Mostly
on real estate investing. The seminar that Ray and the Forever
Wealth Club put together was one of the best I have ever been to
and I actually left the seminar that day, went home, and started
making money with affiliate products! Now, less than 45 days later,
I have my OWN affiliate product on Clickbank and I am Making Money!
Thanks Ray!”

– Ron Gelok

Everyone, this is what I live for. This is why we do the things
we do to see someone get massive results and take home value
from something we do and actually change their financial future!

Here is a short video of my interview with Ron
Interview with Ron Gelok

and here is his actual step by step manual on how to sell
your real estate leads, with or without a real estate
license, anywhere in the country!
Sell Your Dead Real Estate Leads

Happy Holidays Everyone and Keep Taking Action!

Ron is a premium member of the Forever Wealth Club as he feels
it provides so much value to him, for more details and to get
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