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Increase Your MLM Recruiting By Using The Power Of Urgency


I used to travel on the road 22 days a month around the country selling a $7,000 real estate investor education system to a cold crowd in a 90 minute presentation. I averaged around $1,000 per head meaning if there were around 100 people in the room, I would average selling $100,000 in that 90 minute time frame. The two elements that are used most often in sales of this sort are (1) Urgency and (2) Scarcity. In this blog I am going to discuss how you can use urgency for your network marketing company and how most are doing it wrong.

People buy emotionally, they don’t typically make a buying decision truly based on logic. If you doubt this, look down at your wrist and unless you are wearing a $3 timex on your wrist that simply tells the time, you bought that watch based on certain emotions. You also have to understand that people are very reluctant to change. It is much easier for most to simply complain about how they hate their job, spouse, life, vehicle, etc than it is to actually change anything. Understanding all of that, you need to incorporate more than logic when discussing your MLM with prospects.

People new to network marketing should be professional inviters. They should concentrate their efforts not on learning the ins and outs of the compensation plan, company history or objection handing and should more focus on simpling getting ears and eyeballs seeing or lisetning to their company events (conference calls, webinars, physical meetings, etc). However, one little tweek could make all the difference in how many prospects actually sign up.

First of all, throw out the idea that everyone you talk to has to know a certain amount of information about your company before they sign up. It simply is not true and holding onto this belief will cost you money. Not everyone buys the same way you did but know that most, as discussed before, buy based on emotion. Stirring up the emotion can be a powerful and surprising way to get people involved in your mlm before they barely know anything.

Leverage Events

All MLM companies run different events. Smart, savvy marketers market these events and invite people to hear or attend them. Well, you can also create some urgency and possibly get people to sign up BEFORE the event even occurs. If you get people to sign up before the event, isn’t the event a success before it even happens? Better yet, if you can get prospects to sign up before the event, aren’t they more likely to then also invite people and possibly try to leverage that same event you had simply planned on inviting them to?

In the below video I share with you some ways to use urgency when inviting people to events. You cannot use this tactic with all MLM compensation plans but most of them have some sort of element of this.


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