Hurricane Charley

I was talking with my friend Nathan Sheppard at the gym this morning and he informed me he was a claims adjustor. He said he goes around Florida to places that were affected by Charley or Wilma and gets them more money if they meet certain criteria. He has been doing this very successfully for people and I thought I just had to share this with everyone. But, he said there is a short window to act and those that are acting on their own without adjustors are just not getting anything from the insurance companies. So here is some information on what Nathan does and his contact info.

He says ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you had a leak since Charley or Wilma?
  2. Any repair work done to your roof, pool cage or screens?
  3. Told by your insurance company that the damages did not exceed the deductible?
  4. Have minor roof damage from Charley or Wilma but didn’t report it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Nathan will do a no obligation inspection for you for free! There is no risk to you and insurance companies cannot raise your rates from doing this. Nathan tells me that there is only 30 days left to make a claim in regards to Charley so you may want to contact him sooner than later.

Contact info: Nathan Sheppard, 239-633-0894

Ray Higdon

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