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In an MLM Funk? Here’s How to Escape

It happens to us all. We wonder if we are on the right path, if we are with the right company and the right leaders and instead of producing we start asking ourselves questions. Welcome to the MLM funk where many spend the majority of their network marketing careers. Wanna escape? Here’s how

What is the MLM Funk?

Let me give you my definition. It is a period of non-performance and a strong desire to question why the hell you are doing this industry and even why you are on this planet. The MLM Funk is a place where there may  be heavy attendance of training and even possible events but with an immediate magnetic response to retreat back into one’s own head where the questioning begins anew. Each possible insight into why you are in this funk dissipates quickly to be replaced by thoughts such as “That won’t work for me”, or “Easy for him to say”, or “I could do that only if I believed in myself.”

The MLM Funk is an internal mental disease. Any possible production has to be thwarted by the individual as they have to prove their self doubts are correct. A dangerous addition is the desire to be right, versus happy, especially when all the thoughts are negative.

How to get out of the MLM Funk Quickly – Step by Step

1. Punch yourself in the face. Hear me out. What you need is a pattern interruption. Instead of the woe is me syndrome that devastates you mentally, you can attempt any of the following as soon as self doubt creeps in:
A) Punch yourself in the face.
B) Splash yourself with cold water
C) Slam hand in a kitchen drawer
D) Have partner or spouse punch you in the stomach (this will give them some pleasure as they want to anyways due to your self doubt)

2. Greatly increase your action. I said this a long time ago (and I actually think it’s a great quote, feel free to use on your facebook statuses) “The ability to say woe is me shows the abundance of inactivity” – Ray Higdon – This means to be too busy to grasp how bad things are or how low you think of yourself. What happens is if you actually do any amount of action you will get results and if you get results you start to doubt your self doubt and you gain confidence.

I learned a great example from Landmark Education. They talk about how life is like a basketball game. The players on the court do not have time to think about what they have to do later or if they left the stove on or if Britney’s hair is pretty today, they are simply in action and do not have time to worry about themselves. The people in the stands have all the time in the world to criticize Lebron or how crazy Ron Artest is and if the coach looks like he has a hangover. You see, people in the “stands” of life have all the time to THINK. If you have time to think, you can very easily turn to the negative unless you are a highly trained monk (like me…just kidding, sort of). Also, notice that the coach of the team never turns to the people in the stands and offer them advice. Ever wonder why MLM leaders don’t contact you or want to hang out with you? Perhaps you are NOT on the court enough.

3. Don’t JUST develop your why, also create a vision for you and your company. You have heard it before and you probably dismissed it (what do they know anyway) that you have to create a why. Why are you in this industry? Why are you doing the daily grind that it takes to build this business? Yes, those are important questions but I also think you should create a vision for yourself and your company exactly how you want your career to go. I explain this in very exact detail in my video on How to think like a millionaire

4. Change your state to get out of the MLM Funk. OK, yes, I ripped this off from Tony Robbins, hey, who doesn’t ripoff stuff from him, he rocks. I sorta feel entitled to copy some of his stuff as we are staying at his resort in Fiji for our honeymoon. OK, so, change your state. People that are in the MLM funk typically slump their shoulders, look down and do not talk confidently. Change all that and notice how much better you feel. Anger is much better than depression by the way, if you are feeling blue, why not throw something? 🙂

Video: Getting out of the MLM Funk (warning, some humor)


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