Attn: Aspiring Old Or Young Millionaires – How to Think Big

First of all lets all agree that if you are even reading this, you are one of the existing or aspiring young millionaires! You are only old when you have more regrets than desires and the fact that you are reading this means there is still hope! This quick video will show you how to have a growth mindset on your way to becoming a millionaire.

The Big Difference is in your focus

Those that struggle focus on the smaller things. Focusing on making money and sponsoring people does not require a lot of imagination and is NOT how young millionaires think. If you spent time interviewing and meeting millionaires, like I have, you would find out that they always look at the bigger, longer term goals. This process of meeting millionaires does NOT mean you kiss up to them or even see them as separate entities, they are just like you except they focused on bigger things. For more info on this concept, see my original blog on this subject – How to think like a millionaire

Video: Young Millionaires Unite!

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