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If You Only Had This,
You Would Then Have Success in MLM

If I had to pick one thing that you needed to have, to achieve success in MLM, what do you think I would pick? Would it be a lead generation tactic that gets a ton of leads? Would it be a killer product or compensation plan? Perhaps it would be living close in proximity to a top MLM earner? In this blog we will explore those different ideas and see which one floats to the top as the one thing that will best help you reach success in MLM.

*Side Note: Earlier this week I ruffled some feathers. I wrote that Heavy Hitters or having a top MLM earner may not be the best choice to do presentations. This had some top earners mad at me and saying that was not true. Well, a top MLM earner, more than likely, can put on a fantastic presentation but sometimes the audience simply does not see them having the ability to do the same, that was my point. Like my friend Eric Worre said, It doesn’t matter what works, it only matters what duplicates.” OK, back to THIS blog topic!

Is Success in MLM Always Just Out of Reach?

Let’s take a minute and look at this a different way. Do  you know someone who is constantly in bad relationships? They go from person to person and all of those people seem to take on the shapes of the past partners. Perhaps George was terrible so Suzy met Johnny and Johnny was great until a year later Suzy found Johnny to be acting just like George used to. Ever heard this before? It is almost impossible for Suzy to understand that SHE is the only constant. Chances are that Suzy has been telling her friends that if only she could find a guy that listens, pick up around the house, doesn’t work so hard, doesn’t hang out with the boys or drink too much or a guy that simply loves her for her. This is the recipe for doom.

“Everyone ought to bear patiently the results of his own conduct.”
– William Shakespeare

In relationships, like MLM, if you want to see if your conduct, actions and attitude are in alignment with where you desire to go, stop asking for opinions of other people and just look at your results. If you are in your 12th terrible relationship, your conduct, and only your conduct, has created those results for you.

What Does This Have to do with Success in MLM?

Everything. Here is what I hear all day long. If only _______ I would then have success in MLM. When you attach your MLM or relationship results to a third party outside of you, you are relieving yourself of responsibility and you dictate your failure to accomplish anything.  Just to be crystal clear, lets fill in that blank:

If only I could get a top MLM earner on the phone with people, they would then sign up.
If only that guy would fly to my city and do a meeting, then I would have success in MLM.
If only I could have gotten in earlier and signed that person.
If only I knew what to say when they raised that objection.
If only the economy was better.
If only my shoes were shinier.
If only my grass would not grow so quickly.

Look at your results, then look at your conduct and determine what conduct you are going to change to change those results. Sometimes we see successful people and think if only we had their money, good looks, or youth. However, those people, in almost all cases, would have achieved success without any of those things, solely due to their conduct.

So, what is this one thing? Is it being in the next billion dollar company? Is it being on the ground floor? Is it having a patent pending elixir that grows back limbs and makes people drop 50 pounds my smearing it on their earlobes? That one thing, is responsibility. Taking responsibility that if it is going to be, it is up to me (well, in this case, YOU).

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