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Why MLM Heavy Hitters or Founders

are NOT the Best Presenters

This flies in the face of what so many people in a network marketing business opportunity think. Amateurs think that if they can only get their prospects in front of one of the MLM heavy hitters or founders that their prospect will be so impressed that they will certainly join. Not only is that NOT typically the case, it is actually, the complete opposite.

My name is Ray, I am one of the MLM Heavy Hitters…and I suck for presentations

You are probably reading that and thinking, what the heck is he talking about? Perhaps you have seen me present and think I am the best presenter you have ever seen in your entire life…OK, maybe I am stretching it a little, lol. But, hear me out…

Most people cannot relate to the MLM Heavy Hitters

Even though I share my story that I was dead broke less than 2 years ago, most people cannot relate to me when they hear I am the #1 income earner in my company and I get 50,000 hits a month to my blog. They don’t grasp the fact that I can teach them how to become successful as they simply cannot relate to where I am right now in my life versus where I came from (dead broke and no traffic).

Meet Jessica, one of my secret MLM Heavy Hitters

The picture to the upper right is Jessica Perretti and it was taken last night as she did a home meeting for our company. She did a 20 minute presentation, there were 4 guests in the room, 2 signed up on the spot and I am told a third will be joining today. Would you like a 75% close ratio on every presentation you did? So, why was she so effective? She started off by stating she was 22 years old, did not have anyone she could go to in her warm market, had no experience in networking or even marketing, and, that she had enrolled almost 50 people. Now, the reality is, Jessica is one of the MLM Heavy Hitters but her story is one that really makes people believe that they can do this business, and THAT, is THE most important aspect of any presentation that MLM Heavy Hitters or founders have a hard time getting across.

Where the Amateurs go wrong

Amateurs think that network marketing is about sales and about getting prospects in front of those people who do the best job at selling the opportunity. In reality, prospects could care less about what your product is or how much money someone is making, THEY ONLY CARE TO BELIEVE IF THEY CAN DO IT OR NOT. This is why Jessica is so effective at presenting. The audience believes, rightly so, that if SHE can do it, they can do it.

So, are there ANY uses for MLM Heavy Hitters?

Yes, and the number one way is training. Once someone believes that they can make money with your network marketing business opportunity, they will join. Not because they were closed on how great the product was, but, because they believe they can do it. Once they are in, the best training typically comes from MLM Heavy Hitters as you only get to that pedigree by failing a whole lot of times and knowing what doesn’t work. So, next time you are working on a presentation for your network marketing  business opportunity, think less about how to close someone on your product or opportunity and focus more on helping them see that they can achieve success for themselves.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Jessica is my fiance and she is frigging awesome, feel free to connect with her on her blog – http://workwithjess.com/

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