I owe you an apology
I owe you all an apology. Today I learned, from the great reverend and doctor Michael Beckwith that I have been encouraging you to pursue something you did not have which you had all along. For the last so many years of my life I have been screaming from the mountaintops to find your passion and change your life to pursue it. It is NOW that I realize that I have not been giving you the best advice.
I have been telling you to find your dream job, your dream occupation, your perfect day where all along, it turns out, you already had it right within your grasp. I have perhaps had some of you waiting to uncover their passion before they lived passionately and I now realize that was wrong!
Your job title, name badge and occupation are just your current circumstances and not who you are. It was hard for me to accept this but now I get it that not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur! Whatever you are, whatever you do…be congruent with who you REALLY are! Like Michael Beckwith said today at the Center for Spiritual Living (which today was the center for LOVING), Don’t try to SAVE the world, SERVE the emerging paradigm. Do we really want to SAVE a world of jealousy, war, hate and separation? That is the world some of us are choosing to go away from.  So this whole time my message may have had you waiting to be the wonderful you that you are because you hadn’t found your passion, but now I am here to say be passionate about who you currently ARE and the rest will fall into place.
If you are a secretary, be the best darn secretary you can be but do it with a kind heart and wonderful smile. Spend your day, everyday, in a beautiful place, EVEN IF in the past you did not like your job, boss, co-workers, etc. Those are things that are in your existence and presence NOW and NOW is the most important time in your life!
Don’t be a sleepwalker! Live your life NOW and with passion. If you are a dog walker, be the best darn dog walker in the world and do it with your kind heart and wonderful smile. If you are in the space of blaming, being jealous, complaining, you are just living with an unconscious, un-awoken mind. WAKE UP AND LIVE NOW!
There were so many wonderful things that Michael Beckwith Shared with us. One that really, really resonated with me was if you feel you are in a lack or in want of something, think of someone that has what you want. Someone who has the money, the social status, the charisma, the special talent or skill that you desire. OK, you got one? Now, think about the most wonderful celebration that you have ever experienced and feel that feeling. For me, holding my first born son in my arms the first time made me cry and warmed my heart so much. Now, take that feeling of that celebratory moment in time and tie it directly to that person that has that special something that you feel you lack or that you desire. There is no room for jealousy, only room for celebrating that person and what they have accomplished and feeling gratitude for having them in your life. See how that is different than most business textbooks would teach you?
“Bliss is the activation of a potential” was another saying I picked up from Michael Beckwith. How powerful is that? Wow. Know that each and everyone of you are significant and your uniqueness is needed on this planet. You may touch just one life in your life but that one touch is sorely and desperately needed!
One last thing and I also cover this in a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeYxjlD5Cko. Michael said to learn to live in a world of APPRECIATION not in a world of acquisition. Once you learn to appreciate all the wonderful things in your life, you can never have any new blessings! Michael told us that when he met the Dalai Lama that someone had asked him how he could change the world and the Dalai Lama replied to just “Go out and make friends”. What if we all went out and did random acts of kindness? What if we made a stranger smile today? So, whatever job, name badge, uniform, or occupation you are in RIGHT NOW, Just Go Out and Make Friends!
Ray Higdon
Founder of http://www.TheForeverWealthClub.com
PS: If these words resonate with you and you are in the state of Florida. You may consider joining me tomorrow, Sunday, February 15th at the center for spiritual living in Cape Coral at 406 SE 24th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33990. Meditation starts at 10am and service starts at 10:30. Hope to see you there!