I own an Internet Marketing company in SWFL and I learned a lot of what I know about Internet Marketing from what is called Affiliate marketers. An affiliate marketer is someone who sells products online, typically not their own, and earns a commission via a unique tracking URL. Here is an example:

The XYX company has a website that sells diet pills. They are willing to pay anyone 50% of the sale if that person drives traffic to their site. Let’s say affiliate marketer Jason Jayjay wants to make some money by selling their product so he signs up as an affiliate. Jason may get a link that looks like this:


and anytime anyone goes through to their site via that link, Jason gets 50%. Simple enough right? Well, one major point I have learned is you MUST, MUST setup ways to track your traffic. Even though my Internet marketing company in SWFL caters to local businesses, I still sell a lot of products online and one of, if not the, biggest mistake I made was just trying to drive as much traffic to offers as possible without actually taking the time to track the details.

For example, tonight I got notified that I sold several diet products that earned me a commission. That is great news right? Well, I have NO Clue where they came from as these were from links I setup a long time ago that did not track where I placed them. Now I know if a sale came from an email, social marketing site or my personal blog, etc. These came from, well, I HAVE NO IDEA! If I did, I would put more work into wherever they came from! This is why you want to make sure you track any and all links you put out there in the vast internet so you know what is working and what is not, the things that are working you put more effort into!

Ray Higdon
Internet Marketing company in SWFL