Often times people ask me “I’m only 19 and want to build a network marketing business, how can I?”

This post will help anyone with this question so feel free to forward it to any young guns on your team.

Suspend your Disbelief

The reason I have no problem believing that young people can build a network marketing business is

  1. I’ve been to a bunch of company events where massive amounts of young people have crossed the stage at high ranks and
  2. I watched my wife do it. She was 21 years old pulling down $10,000 a month in our last company and she mainly did it through social media prospecting strangers.

The Young CAN Build a Network Marketing Business

I know so many people that are young that have killed it in network marketing, but see if you don’t know that. If you haven’t seen that because you’re not plugging in, because you’re not going to company events, then you think that it’s awkward, or it’s odd, or it’s rare. It’s not rare. I’m just letting you know.

Now, my wife, when she started with network marketing she was also very young, but at the age of twenty-one had built to ten thousand dollars a month inside network marketing. That was at twenty-one. The main thing you need to understand is you need to stop asking the question “How do I build a network marketing business when I am young” because the asking of that question means, I’m not sure it’s possible. If I say to you, let’s say that I have an eye patch. Let’s say I only have one working eye and I say, Ray, how do I have success when I only have one eye? What does that mean? It means that I don’t think it’s possible or I’m not sure if it’s possible if a one eyed person can build a business. I know it’s kind of a weird example. You wouldn’t ask that question if you didn’t suffer from belief.

You need to understand not only is it possible, I mean, networking marketing is one of the very few business, I think, where the chances of success for young people are so high. When you read an entrepreneur magazine, or fortune, or something about a nineteen year old CEO, then it’s like whoa. That kind of stands out, right? Well, I probably have seen hundreds of people at nineteen or twenty that have built six figure incomes inside network marketing. It doesn’t stand out as much. That’s the big key. You need to understand that it is possible. You need to understand that it’s happened before. The best way for you to really get it is not just to hear my words, but to plug into your company training’s. Attend your company events and see it happen.

See it happen because then you’re going to say, oh wait a minute. This is why events are so powerful because, you know, you’ll have disabled veterans walk the stage. I remember one of the most impactful moments of my entire life, was I watched a gentlemen cross the stage who was right at the six figure mark inside network marketing and he gave his speech in sign language because he had been born deaf. Now, if that doesn’t crush all excuses that I’ve ever heard. Have you ever had a tough phone call? Well, he hasn’t. Think about that. Anybody can create success inside the network marketing profession. Quite frankly, anyone can create success in any business, in my opinion, but I think the odds are stacked in your favor when it comes to being a nineteen year old wanting to create success. Network marketing is a great vehicle for you.

Inside the below video I share a powerful exercise my wife did that helped her get over the belief issue that young people can build a network marketing business, it is something that maybe you want to do too (just don’t hurt yourself!) Another article that may help you is this one – Recruiting College Kids. This article is great for two reasons, 1, to help with belief and 2, to help  you learn how to recruit college kids if you want to.

Was this helpful? Do you have some young people on your team that may need to hear this? Feel free to forward it to them.

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