How to Overcome Obstacles and Win in MLM

It is so easy to lose belief in the network marketing industry. So many people struggle to figure out why they are not having success and you couple that with so many people rejecting you and it can be downright tough for a lot of people desiring to have success with so many obstacles. This video and blog post will help you to change your beliefs so you can have success in network marketing.

Only Selfish People Quit MLM

I do not believe that anyone actually fails at network marketing unless they quit. I believe whatever causes someone to quit MLM is out of selfish reasoning. This industry is built for people that like to work with and help other people. Those that come into this industry for the sole reason to "get rich" or focus on their success rather than that of others, are in for a rough ride and will typically leave the industry. By focusing on helping others have success, you feel better, more fulfilled, and the end result is you CAN make a lot of money and have success. Some people have lost sight of this.

How Have I kept the Belief?

You may know my story and that just a few short years ago I was in personal foreclosure and struggling for air in the realm of finances. Here I was trying to get people to believe in me when I barely believed in me, how did I do that? Looking back I know that I focused on helping people, and believing they wanted to help themselves. Sometimes that thinking worked, sometimes it didn't. The cool thing is I have people that I recruited my first month (when I was in foreclosure) that today make $2,000 - $10,000 per month. If I had waited for me to be perfect, I would never have brought those people in. Here is a powerful point. When you are in action, you feel no pain, fear, or the weight of the past, or future. When you are engaged in conversation with someone and on the battlefield, you have to be present. It is when we have time to think about how tough things are that those things grow in our minds. Spend more time in action. I came up with this saying awhile ago, "The ability to say woe is me, shows the abundance of inactivity".

Video: How to Increase Your Belief and Finally Have More Success

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