Let’s talk about how to use social media for network marketing.

First I’m going to share how people are using social media right now to grow their network marketing business. Next I’m going to share what not to do and what should you be avoiding on social media. Lastly I’m going to give you the hottest marketing trend. Now this is a pretty new trend but it is absolutely incredible.

What are people using on social media to grow their business?

Before we dive in to exactly what people are doing right now to grow their business on social media, you need to understand that there’s two pillars of building any business. Prospecting and marketing. Marketing is passive. You’re doing something and hoping an unnamed individual reacts or responds. That could be a Facebook live, Instagram reel, TikTok…whatever. You’re putting something out there and hoping someone sees it and reacts to it.

Prospecting is very active, that’s you reaching out to an individual whether it’s through messenger, text, phone call or face to face etc. First understand those because they have their different nuances. Something that you may say or do in prospecting might not be the same thing in marketing. Sometimes I’m sharing a script of what to say to someone when you’re reaching out… well that doesn’t mean that you take that and put it into a marketing thing. I wanted to describe those things, so there wasn’t any confusion. 

What are people doing? Number one, social media. One of the things that I used many years ago, my wife used many years ago and still works today is cold market prospecting. That may come as a surprise to you because you may have heard from influencers that cold market prospecting is bad or reaching out to people that you don’t know is evil and terrible. Well, I’m here to tell you that is not the case.

My wife used it at the age of 21 to build a 10,000 a month income and then go on to be the number one female earner of the company.

One of our students right now, she joined a company that was anti-cold messaging. They told people not to do cold messaging, don’t ever do a single call. She did not have a warm market. She did not have friends and family, she was not an influencer. She became the number one recruiter in that company (by the way it’s a pet supplies company and she doesn’t have any pets) and she did it a hundred percent through a cold market messaging scripts.

We know that it works, it still works and it’s something that anyone can do whether you’re an influencer, super skilled or not. That is absolutely one of the ways that the people are using social media to grow their business. You now have access to so many more people than you had in the past.

On the marketing side, videos are definitely killing it. Whether you’re doing Facebook live or Instagram reels, Facebook reels, TikTok. whatever, videos are definitely killing it. We have seen a lot of people that are using reels and short video to crush it. I would say that’s the top of the marketing pyramid right now.

I’m going to dive into my last step and a very specific way to do them…so stay tuned. Using Facebook reels, (if they are open in your area) Instagram reels and TikTok are at the top of the marketing food chain right now. That’s your greatest chance to have your stuff in front of people that don’t know you already. If you feel like you’ve exhausted your warm market then that is the way for you to get in front of fresh eyeballs.

What not to do on social media?

Again I’m going to break it down for you, prospecting wise, marketing wise.

Prospecting wise, if you’re sending messages, just don’t assume. Don’t assume that they want your product, service, want to join you or want to make extra money from home. You can’t assume that. When you assume, it actually turns into spam. Spam is assuming the position of the prospect without any evidence. If you’re messaging someone (whether you know them or not) and saying “hey, you should totally join my team, it’s awesome and you’d be incredible at it,” you’re assuming they’re interested at all.

They’re not ready to make a decision. Instead of assuming, see if they’re open. “Hey, are you open to learning more? Are you open to taking a look? Are you open at more information.” That’s a much more powerful way. By the way the word ‘open’ is better than ‘interested.’ See if I say “hey are you interested…” then it’s pretty easy to not be “interested,” but “are you open?” That means if you say “no” to that, that means you’re not open. People don’t like to be not open, it sounds narrow-minded.

“Hey, are you open and taking a look?”

“No, I’m not open.”

See how it’s just a little psychological difference there. People are very easily not interested, but they’re less likely to be not open. Just a little trick for you there.

In marketing, stop spamming the name of your company and the name of the product. Now with TikTok and different avenues of marketing, I’m not saying it’ll never work. When you market the name of the company, what you’re actually doing is this…One, you’re turning off some people. Some people are like “omg, they are pitching again.Two, people that are interested, you’ve just made them independent researchers. So when you say “hey join my grape, grape company,” then they’re like “hmm grapey, grape.”

Now let me ask you this, if you hear of a great product, do you just buy it or do you research it? Do you go to amazon, eBay, google and try to find out are there reviews of it, can you find out information, what’s the best price for it? You saying the name of your company constantly, you’re telling the people that follow you or the people that see that content hey, here’s the name of the company, you don’t need me, go do your own research, good luck guys. You think they’ll come back to you? They’re not going to come back to you.

They’re going to google and if your company I would say is over 200 million a year, maybe 250 million a year, guess what they’re going to find? Negativity. They’re going to find something negative on google, because google knows (just like the mainstream media) that negative stuff gets attention. It’s not the “this is the most amazing company, it changed my life.” It’s going to say “this thing’s a scam.” You sent them there, it’s your own fault.

Instead of constantly mentioning the name of the company, talk about what it does. What are the benefits? There’s what it is.. (name of company, CBD oil…etc) and there’s what it does. What it does is the benefit. Does it help me with my sleep? Does it help me with energy, does it help me make extra money? Talk more about the benefits than you talk about the name of the company or what it is.

Let’s hear from you!

Before we get to my last point, which is telling you exactly the type of video that is crushing it right now on social media, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your number one question about social media? Drop me a comment. I actually look at every single comment and respond. Your comment may become a future video. I would love to hear what your struggle with social media is? What is it that you really have a hang up with or you really don’t understand? Help me help you and drop a comment right now.

What’s the hottest marketing trend right now?

All right so what is this hot, hot trend? It is without a doubt the short video. We are in the era of short video phenomenon and it is absolutely amazing. We have a client right now that has a Facebook reel with over 10 million views. She didn’t spend one dime. Now just for context, how many was 10 million? The last Olympics was watched by 15 million. How much do they spend on that marketing? Hmm, millions, right? At least hundreds of thousands but probably millions of dollars. She spent zero and had 10 million people watch one of her short videos.

Here’s the format that we have seen do really well with short videos. It’s a video that ends with ask me how. There’s two different styles that we like.

There’s the ‘overcomer.’ For example my story. I grew up in an abused home, I’ve been dead broke twice, I was in foreclosure, over a million dollars in debt when the real estate market crashed, went through a divorce, didn’t finish high school on time, never finished college. There’s a lot of things that people may perceive that you shouldn’t or should have to be successful and I can talk about the fact that I have overcome those things. I’ve done many videos where I share (you have probably seen the videos where they’re pointing to stuff) different things from my past and say, but I overcame these things, ask me how. That’s the one that gets so much engagement.

The other type of ask me how is when you’re talking about the benefit of your product or your service. Again, the benefit, what it does, not what it is. If you have a product that helps…let’s say sleep, right? It helps people sleep better. So your video could be scene one, you wake up and you’re agitated and your hair is all crazy and you smack the alarm clock off the table. You’re angry and mad at the world…and then scene two is you waking up and birds are chirping and you feel fantastic and you’re like “oh what a wonderful…”maybe have better pajamas on, maybe have the hair done, makeup on. Then you say “ask me how.” Anyone that struggles with sleep is going to be like “what are you doing? I have to do that.” They want to know. People that struggle with sleep are going to ask you which is your exact target market?

That’s just one example. It could be someone that was low on energy and (you wait for it to cool) but you pour a cup of coffee on your face and then scene two is you having unlimited energy and amazing. “Ask me how.”

Think about what benefit or benefits your product or service have that you could easily share in a short video. You don’t even have to talk. That is the hottest method of doing these short videos and I hope that helps.

Want our full blueprint?

If you would like our full blueprint on what we call our “three-step launch” to crush it with short videos, to crush it on TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels then I’m going to put the link here, Higdongroup.com/3steplaunch. Click that link and it will take you over there. It’s free to register, free to watch and it’s our three-step launch to crush it with short videos.

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