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How To Succeed In Network Marketing Fast

This training is NOT sugar coated… I get fired up in Rank Makers and really want to help.

So, this is only for those who are coachable and serious about growing their network marketing business.

If you REALLY want the truth about succeeding fast in network marketing, here it is.

1. Stop Overthinking

If I have someone that knows what business I’m in, I’m gonna reach out them and say:

Hey, you know what? I’ve never reached out you. And listen, it may not be your cup of tea. It may be something that you have absolutely no interest in, but would you be at all open to take a look at my product, my service, my opportunity? If not, no big deal.”

If I run into a stranger, maybe I drop them a compliment and say:

“Hey, I gotta run, but listen, you seem like a sharp individual. Hey, listen, I’m gonna run home, but I gotta jump on this conference call. But hey, listen. I’m just curious, you seem sharp but I don’t know if this is your cup of tea. Something inside me tells me to tell you that, or ask you this question. Would you be at all open to take a look at the business that I do? We’re always looking for intelligent individuals, people that want to make it happen, and we show you what to do. It may not be a fit for you. I don’t know, but i have a short video, I can share it with you. If you give me your information, I promise I’ll share it with you.”

Hard, impossible, rocket science, brain surgery, rocket surgery, brain science? NO.

I say these things because the number one problem with network marketers is overthinking.

[mashtweet tweet=”The number one problem with network marketers is overthinking.” quote=”The number one problem with network marketers is overthinking.”]

I’m not trying to fluff your pillows here. I’m not trying to keep you nice and comfy and say, “Oh, baby bear, let me spoon feed you here.” No.

You see if they’re open, you give them an out. That’s it.

Don’t care about the outcome.

I was rejected thousands of times, maybe tens of thousands of times. And, I didn’t curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep, but I was willing to get the rejection. I was willing to not look cool.

2. Be Willing To Not Look Cool

All overthinking is, we think that it’s, “Ah, I want to be perfect. I want to really nail this thing man. I’ve got to really tighten this thing up and sew it together so it’s beautiful.”

What it really is, is it’s a hiding that we don’t want to run the risk of looking bad. That’s all it is.

We don’t want to run the risk of looking bad.

It means I care more about how I look.

How we look VS possibly impacting another human being. That’s what overthinking is.

We think it’s like because we’re such perfectionists and we really want to nail this thing, and we really want to tie and sew it all together and make it pretty. Baloney.

All it is, is I don’t want to run the risk of looking bad, because I want this to look really good. Even if someone doesn’t even see me as looking good, I want to make sure I don’t look bad. Let me not look bad. Instead of not looking bad, let me just not run the risk of rejection.

Stop overthinking it.

3. See If They Are Open, Give Them An Out

  • You run into a left handed person that’s a do it yourself-er, that has a beard, but is missing some hair up top… See if they’re open, give them an out.
  • You run into someone that works at a scissors store. They literally, that’s all they do is sell scissors and they’re a business owner there, and they’re very busy with six kids. See if they’re open, give them an out.
  • You run into somebody that’s a fancy schmance internet marketer, wears a bow tie 57% of the time… See if they’re open, give them an out.
  • You see someone at the soccer game, and it’s a mom you’ve never met before… See if they’re open, give them an out.

Well, what if it’s a Facebook Group? See if they’re open, give them an out.

Who’s turned off by saying, “Hey, I got this, you know, I just made these sandwiches. I don’t know if you’re open to these sandwiches or not, but if you are, feel free to enjoy them, and if not, no big deal.”

“I can’t believe you offered me a sandwich. How dare you.”

Does anyone say that? If you see if they’re open, give them an out, does anybody say that?

Stop overthinking it.

How To Speak To Prospects

Stop saying, “I need to understand, how do I speak humans?”

You know, before network marketing, you were able to speak to humans, it was incredible.

If you needed directions, you would just say, “Hey, where do I find the coffee shop?” They’d say, “Oh, it’s right there.”

You entered network marketing and all of a sudden it’s weird. You pass through this chasm and you’re like, “Okay, I need to ask directions. I don’t know where the coffee shop is, but how do I bring up my business? How do I position it in a way where I’m talking about my products?”

You don’t even ask directions anymore. You’ll never find the coffee shop, because you’re so worried. “Ah, I’m so concerned. What if I say the wrong thing?”

Just see if they’re open, give them an out.

You were able to speak to humans before network marketing. I promise you. It’s just now that you’re addicted to the outcome, that you are having trouble.

You’re addicted to, “I want to say something that might get them to say yes.” Which you should break, you should release, stop caring.

Stop trying to protect the self-image.

It’s funny is people try to look good to people they already don’t look good to. We’re so worried about little Sally and what she’ll possibly say, even though Sally talks behind your back anyway. Who cares?

If you read the book, Go for No, you know that they tested an insurance sales team that went door to door.

They knocked on the door and said, “Hey, you’re not looking to buy insurance, are you?” Because they increased the number of people that they were able to speak to, sales went up like 300%.

Do you realize if you just stumbled around the mall and said, “Hey, you’re not looking to make extra money, are you?” Sales would skyrocket.

Because right now you’re terrified of talking to people, because you’ll possibly look bad, and you’re afraid of the rejection, and you’re using perfectionism as a baloney excuse.

See if they’re open, give them an out, move on.

Say Less To More People

Say less to more people. There you go. If you started ten minutes ago, you should be able to reach out to some people today. Not seven days. Not 14 days.

You got to reach out to human beings. Reach out to someone, see if they’re open, give them an out. Don’t care if they are or not, and move one. Move on.

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