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How to Stop Self Sabotage


The truth is, most people have some successes in life but a lot of time they are so self sabotaging that those successes get buried under all the negative things they notice. This will help you learn how to stop self sabotage.

The Reality with Self Sabotaging

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Here is the number one key on how to stop self sabotage, understand the root cause. The root cause of MOST self sabotage scenarios is….Choosing to be right over being happy. That’s it. A person is having some success in their business or in a relationship and “something happens” and the “victim” starts to create a story on how unfair or wrong that something that happened is so they spiral downward effectively killing all the good work or successes they had previously created. Then, they focus all their negative energy on convincing others around them how wrong the “something that happened” is and they focus on that until people around them get tired of hearing about it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone you know or worse yet, you?

Happiness is the Key on How to Stop Self Sabotage

Instead of proving how the world wronged you, why not choose happiness? If you stop and think for a moment at your current “to do” list, are you focusing your energy and emotions on something that serves you or on something that can hurt you and make your life worse than it is?

But Ray, you don’t understand!

It really is simple, you can choose to be happy and attract more things in your life to be happy about or you can choose to constantly fight the world, pointing out it’s injustices and pound people over the head on how smart or right you are, but you can’t typically be right and happy at the same time.

Self Sabotage in Relationships

Let me give you a scenario to play with. Let’s say you and your significant other are having problems so you decide to do something nice. You go and buy all the ingredients to their favorite dinner and slave away at the stove to prepare it for them and then they come home eat the food and say thank you. But, they never do anything special for you. How do you feel? IF you feel cheated or unfairly treated it means you were not actually cooking it for them, you were cooking it for you to make you feel right. Stop being addicted to the outcome and give gratitude that you have a relationship with someone you can spend time with and see how they start treating you differently. IF you give in to being right and puffing your chest out on how much better of a partner you are, you have just negated all the good you did with that dinner.

It’s simple, choose to be happy, think happy thoughts and give up the fact that you are unable to control all the events around you but you can control your reaction to them. To your abundance

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