Today we’re going to talk about how to stay

consistent on social media.

I imagine if you’re trying to be consistent on social media, you’re probably trying to build a business, make some extra money, sales or build your following etc.

I want to start by talking about a different way to look at consistency that will help you. Next, I’m going to share two mantras (that are going to hit you really hard), that I think will help you be more consistent. Lastly, we’re going to dive into the two types of people regarding consistency and figure out which one you are and what to do about it.

Do you struggle with consistency on social media?

If you struggle with consistency on social media….you are probably looking at the action steps that you know you should be doing and thinking “why bother?” I’m not getting results, it’s not happening for me, no one’s reaching out or buying my thing.. (whatever it is, that you’re selling).

What you should look at instead is, what would it feel like to have the results that you are currently desiring Here is a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza, (a mentor of mine), “you want to live in memories of your future more than memories of your past.” Memories of your future means, what your life will look like when you have accomplished the results that you’re trying to get. You’re obviously trying to be consistent on social media for a reason. What’s the reason?

This reminds me, I remember talking to a guy (at the time I was in a network marketing company) and I told him “hey, I’m happy to show you how to make extra money to help you get what you want.” He watches the video…I asked him, “hey, why do you want to make extra money?” and he said “well you know, I have four daughters. I’ve given them everything in their life and it’s been amazing, but as they are get older, I realize I want them to have their dream wedding and I don’t have that kind of money.” So I ask him, “okay, how serious of an issue is that? Is that something that’s optional? Is that something that you absolutely want to do?” Honestly I think he was about ready to rob a bank or something because that was really important to him.

What’s really important to you?

 You have to think about the thing that is really important to you. Not the activity, because there’s going to be a lot of activity that doesn’t pan out. There’s going to be a lot of reach outs, videos, and different things that don’t work out. But, If you don’t do them, none of them will work.

You showing up consistently will create the results you desire in your life.

What does that look like?

Is it worth it?

I can tell you for my life, (I was dead broke, in foreclosure, feeling like a loser….)it’s been worth it. Worth it for me to be consistent and it’ll be worth it for you too.

What are the two mantras?

Now I want to share with you two mantras that that really run my life. I teach these to our students and clients and it will help you with a couple things.

I think it’ll help spur you into being more consistent and it will actually help clarify some things for you.

First mantra, “help the person you used to be.” 

In this day and age so many marketers are asking “what’s my niche market, what’s my target market, what’s my perfect avatar?” If that person just looked within at who they used to be and what they overcame…..(Did they overcome trauma, what obstacles did they overcome, were they dead broke and then bounced back, did they overcome a bad relationship?) If they actually looked at what they are an expert of…(overcoming those different things) then they could serve all of those people who are in that struggle. 

I’m going to give you my favorite example in the world. We have a reality show called Play to Win. In season one, we had a lady on there named Renee Adams. Renee Adams had never shared her story, never publicly spoken or even done a video. In this reality show something in her changed and she shared with me her was a very tough past. Not only did she have physical abuse, sexual abuse, she was actually trafficked as a kid. Just a really, really tough story. After loving on her, hugging her and telling her that she’s amazing and all that, I added-  “you know, if you’re willing to share that, you could help a lot of people because there are people out there that went through similar kind of situations that won’t identify with my story because I didn’t.”  I didn’t go through those situations. I went through physical abuse as a kid but I didn’t go through those other things, right?

I say this to people, some people run with it, some people don’t.

Within a month, she was teaching and speaking at Women’s Abuse Centers.

Within a year, she spoke at the 17th annual convention against human trafficking for the University of Ohio in front of 19 countries.

This women, in one year went from…” no one knows my story, no one’s heard it, I’ve never done a video, I’ve never publicly spoken… to impacting tens of thousands of people with her story. I know that she’s since spoken for them one or two other times.

That’s an example of helping who you used to be.

Second mantra, “we have to be as brave as the people who need us.”

I think about the people that want to change their life, like I did. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’ve had different moments in my life where I was either sick of being owned by my job or sick of being dead broke, I’ve had both of those instances.

I had to be as brave as those people that were showing up on social media searching for a solution…..You do too. 

Let those two mantras drive your activity, let those two mantras really get in your head and help you understand that you are making a difference if you stay consistent.

What are the two types of people regarding consistency?

Let’s talk about the two types of people regarding consistency and what to do about it.

Type number one is a workaholic.

(This is who I used to be….my self-worth issues from growing up in a very abusive home, of constantly being told that I was worthless and all the things that I created from that experience, my coping mechanism was to work. Never struggle with consistency because I was a workaholic.)

The problem with that person is they will achieve things, I achieved things. I got trophies, made a lot of money and I did good.

The problem is none of that made me feel any better. The person whose coping mechanism is to be a workaholic is trying to create results to fill their self-worth and they’re not congruent, it’ll actually never happen.  That’s like “I want to plant a bunch of trees so let me buy a bunch of banjos.” Doesn’t make sense, right? They just don’t- one will never equal the other.

For that type of person (it is a very it’s a small percentage of people, maybe five percent, maybe less)you need to work on what brings you joy?

Start to get more in the attitude of gratitude.

Start recognizing who you actually are, because this hustle and grind of “I have to prove who I am”…’re already who you are, right? Stop trying to prove it.

You don’t have to be the hustle, grinder, you don’t have to spend every minute away from your family to try to prove something that that won’t prove.

Start to step into “hey, you are a good person, you didn’t deserve all those things that happened to you” and start to feel better about your situation. There’s more work I could help you with around that….Reach out to me if you’d like help with that.

The second type of person, the person who’s not consistent.

This is the majority.

The majority of people aren’t consistent and it’s because they’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success.

I’m going to tell you a powerful story. I coached this lady and for four years, her career was up and down, up and down, up and down and if we went farther back, I’m sure it was the same thing because that’s the pattern. The pattern is up down, up and up down.

(The reason that people aren’t consistent is they’ve created the wrong conclusion to success based on a prior observation that they made as a kid.)

She told me that her career was like this and that she just didn’t want to disappoint anyone. So I asked her.. “who disappointed you as a kid?” and she tells me “you know…maybe not disappointment but shame.” So I say “okay tell me about that.” Well her mom had been a prostitute. So, I think I know what’s going on, but I asked a question. “Okay, do other people know this…. friends and family, local people etc. and she goes “oh yeah, they all know….and then she added this “and she’s still alive.

Got it, “I know what your problem is” and she asks, “what’s my problem?

Well you’ve created this imaginary line that if you cross it, the people that know about your mom are going to chime in on social media and bring shame to your living mother which you would do anything to prevent.

And she’s like “oh my god” and started crying, she had a breakdown. Then I told her…but there’s another way to look at it. Your mom did everything she possibly could to help you have a better life than she did and for that to be the reason that you don’t…..kind of a slap in the face, right?

It’s a little harsh, a little tough on her.

Didn’t know how she would do with that, but I kept checking up on her, kept checking up on her and two weeks ago, she sent me- no, one week ago. One week ago she sent me a message and said Ray, I just crossed $93,000 in income for the month. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Her figuring out that program allowed her to break the pattern.

What’s your pattern?

What’s your program?

What did you observe as a kid?

These are the kind of questions that can lead you if you are consistently inconsistent, it’s not because you’re lazy, it’s because you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success. And so start to chip away at “why am I making decisions like this, why do I stop showing up, why do I change directions” and start to figure out your programs and you’ll change your life.

Would you like help around this?

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