Today we are talking about how to stay consistent in business.


You’re trying to build your business. You’re excited, but you are not consistent.

Well, I want to help you. First I’m going to share a major mindset hack to help you become more consistent. Next I will share a major concept that you need to understand about your business  that most people never realize. Finally, we’re going to dive deep into the reasons that people aren’t consistent.

What is this major mindset hack?

It’s actually two steps.

Number one, remember why you started. Why did you start your business? Why is that important? It’s probably because you wanted an area of your life to be different. Maybe you wanted more time with family, to travel more, maybe you wanted to stop being so sick and tired of not having enough money or influence or significance or impact or whatever.

Remembering “why” you started, is key to hold on to….especially on the tough days. There’s going to be tough days in your business no matter what type of business. There’s going to be days where customers complain or someone quits.

I remember one of my bad days, I had an employee steal sixty thousand dollars from me and you know what….that really sucked. I could have drawn the conclusion of “oh, let’s never hire anyone again because you can’t trust them,” but instead I isolated that situation. They’re just a bad person and it is what it is.

You have to remember why you started and then take that paintbrush and create the the vision of who you actually want to become.

What does success look like?  What does your life look like?  Where are you traveling? Are you attending charity events?  What does that look like?

Too often we can get caught in the muck and mire of building out business, that we forget to come up for air and see where we actually want to go. Focus more on where you want to go and what you actually want in your life…..than all the stuff that you don’t or all the stuff that annoys you. Focus on what is it that you want, what will that look like and you’ll find yourself being more consistent.

What is the major concept?

 What’s this major concept that most people never even think about regarding their business? It is.. “what if you’re not successful?” What if?

I remember when I left a high paying salary job. No one thought it was a good idea. I wanted to go and start my business. I remember telling my boss and he’s like “really you’re gonna leave this? What about the benefits? What about this and that?” I remember everyone around me had a reason that it was a stupid idea. I was going to college part-time and I told a college professor that I really looked up to (he was kind of a mentor to me)and he’s like “ah you’ll be back.”

What would have happened if I didn’t create a successful business? Well….they would have been right. I didn’t like that. I didn’t want people that doubted me, told me that I would never make it, told me that it was a stupid idea….I didn’t want them to be right.

Now, is that the sole thing that would have happened if I didn’t succeed? No. There’s lots of others. I wouldn’t have been able to travel like I have. I’ve taken my kids all over the world. We have traveled all over the world because I was consistent in business and built a successful business. I’ve spoken on all kinds of different stages. I love speaking on stage. The largest crowd I spoke for 27,000 people in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve done a lot, but only because I was consistent. If I’m not consistent in my business, if I don’t build a successful business, none of that stuff happens.

What’s the bad that happens? You need to tap into it. I know that the modern day guru tells you “only focus on on positive things,” but there are things that you’re worried about or fearful of and if you don’t embrace the reality of them….they can be sapping energy away from you. I don’t have any problem thinking about “what is the worst case scenario.” This is a little bit of what people would call stoicism, right? Looking at “what is the worst scenario” and “is it that bad.”

If the business just totally fails to pieces and we have to sell our home and move into a smaller one….really take it to the extreme, right? You need to know, what are the ramifications of you not building the business. If there’s pain there, let that pain stir you into action.  One of my favorite quotes in the world is from Dr. Reverend Michael Beckwith. He says “pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.”

Combine these two. Combine the pain of “if I don’t do it, this is what it looks like” (for most people, what does it look like? They keep living a mediocre existence. They keep doing things in a mediocre way, in an average way, in a non fulfilling way knowing they don’t tap into their potential, knowing that they’re not reaching where they know they could be. That’s painful.) and then tap into that vision of “who do you want to become, what does that look like, what are the benefits, how do people treat you, how do you treat others, who are you helping?”

Tap into those two very polar effects to drive your consistency.

What is the reality for people who are not consistent? 

Let’s talk about the reality of those who aren’t consistent.

If you’re reading this post, it means you have a desire but maybe you’re not consistent. That does not mean automatically that you’re lazy.

In fact I don’t think you’re lazy. I think you seeking the answer to your inconsistency, it’s not a laziness issue, it’s just a misunderstanding.

The reason that entrepreneurs aren’t consistent is because they’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success based on a past observation they made as a kid.

Let me give you an example.

I’m coaching this lady (I’ve met so many people like this). She would “rock star” her way up in a career, she had been on tv and built different sales organizations….She would rocket up this thing and crush it. Break records and everyone’s in awe and they’re like wow, she’s amazing….and then something would happen. Something would go wrong. She would leave that and go start another one, which she would rock it to the top and crush it, make it rain and then something would go wrong. This was a pattern, so I knew that there is a wrong conclusion she’s drawing, but I have to figure out “what” conclusion. It’s always 100% of the time of every coaching I’ve ever done, it’s from an observation made as a kid. Now they may mislabel it and say “oh this comes from my divorce or from me being fired, that’s part of the pattern.”

No, it wasn’t created there…that’s not the origin.

The origin is always from your childhood….100% of the time.

I asked her, “how was your relationship with your parents.” “Oh my god, they were amazing, they were incredible, they were perfect in every way. They never abused me, never did anything bad to me.”

Now, one thing that I’ve learned (I first learned this from me) is when you have trauma in your past, your memory plays tricks with you. Your memory has programs and they don’t want you to figure them out. They’ve created a program to do one thing and that’s to keep you safe.

Keep you safe, that’s the only program. That’s the name of the game. Not reach potential, not make lots of money, not have a perfect life, keep safe which is often in opposition to those things.

(I know that memories play tricks on you I’ve had entire portions of my childhood that I’d totally forgotten and only remembered under hypnosis.)

From her personality, I get that she’s a little bit of a contrarian. With a contrarian, I will guide them in ways to allow them to flare their contrariness. So I said “you don’t remember anything from your childhood that was traumatic?” “Nothing?” 

Her, “No, nothing. They were perfect, they’re amazing. “

So I said, “ah it’s okay that you don’t remember.” Totally cool that you don’t remember, no worries. 

Now that flares the contrarian.

She goes “ahhhh”

Me, “You okay? What’s going on?”

She doesn’t talk for a minute or two. I’m thinking in my head…was there an accident? Is she okay? Then she says “oh my god. I remember catching my mom cheating on my dad.” She had blocked that entire thing out.

Now that we know the origin story….what statement was created from that? What program was created from It? The program that was created from it is “when I think things are going amazingly…. well the rug’s about to be pulled out from under me.” That’s her story, that’s her program.

She would rock it to the top of these companies and the better she did, the closer she was to the rug being pulled out from under her. So she would quit. As a kid, she wasn’t in control, now she’s in control. I’m going to prevent you from pulling the rug out, because I’m going to pull the rug out myself.

She would quit. She would find a reason, “oh they were chauvinist” or “oh, they they were terrible people” or “oh, they’re this.” She would find a reason, always justified, not a mystery always a reason. With that program you will never reach your potential. If you always think that the better it gets, the more likely it’s going to fall apart…you’re going to create that in your life and she did. 

When you realize the program that’s running you, you’re the passenger, you’re not the pilot……It’s on autopilot, it’s careening off the cliff, it’s driving you up and down. It’s that program that is driving you around making decisions for you…..When you observe “why” I make decisions and you start to become defiant to them and say “hey you know I’m in this pattern, maybe I don’t have to make the decision this way.” When you become aware of your program, what’s driving you, you can easily tackle this consistency monster.

Do you need help around this?

We have a free consultation where we will go deep with you and see how we can help you.

I can tell you from my experience, I was not able to figure out my programs on my own. I’m not saying that’s impossible, but your mind and body are trying so hard to not allow you to figure it out. It puts up walls and camouflage….so I needed help and I’m betting you do too.

If you would like a free consultation, click the link, and one of our coaches will get with you. They will answer questions and try to point you in the right direction. We want to help you, because we know that this is what prevents most people from reaching their potential and we want to help you reach yours.

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